Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

As noted by Riley at Virginia Virtucon, Krystal Ball gave this as her rationale for running against Congressman Rob Wittman:
If I can show that a 27 year old woman from a family with a sub $100,000 net worth, who is not a millionaire, not a scion of a political family, not a self-funder, can run for Federal office and win, I think we will see a tidal wave of people who use this model and example to run for Congress themselves…using the power of the Internet and the power of their ideas. No incumbent without ideas will be able to hide behind their office and PAC funding anymore. And that could change our country forever.

One year later, the Virginia Gazette finds that Ball is now herself a millionaire, and loaned her campaign over $200K.

Just so we're clear, no one begrudges Ball her success - that is, if it's on the up and up, and Riley has questions about that, too. What does bother us (or, at least, me) is the constant use of class warfare the Democrats use, even as they themselves become wealthy.

Unless I seriously miss my guess, Ms. Ball will tell us all that her newfound millionaire status is OK because, well, she's a Democrat. Sorry, but that's not the way it works. We Republicans would repeatedly get into trouble for throwing generalizations around, and even as the Obama-Pelosi-Reid regime continues their determined quest to make them all true, we have to be careful.

I suspect Ms. Ball will learn a similar lesson in November.

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