Friday, September 10, 2010

"It will make national news"

That's how Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton described the upcoming report on VDOT - and he didn't mean it in a good way (WTOP via Tertium Quids):
"I will just tell you that in two weeks when we announce (the audit), it will make national news as to what we found," Connaughton said during a business event in Northern Virginia Wednesday.

"The biggest issue we are looking at is financial management -- money that was in the pipeline. We had some indications that we were facing some challenges when we took office, and the auditors confirmed that those concerns were valid."

Without spelling out the specifics of the audit, Connaughton talked about personnel and policy changes that are on the way.

"We are going to be making some major changes in how we do business -- particularly at VDOT," he says.
In other words, as now-Senator Mark Warner and now-DNC Chair Tim Kaine were both screaming for higher taxes "for roads," the folks they entrusted to put down the asphalt had so much trouble watching the money they actually had that it will reverberate from coast to coast.

The audit report is scheduled to be released on the 22nd.

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