Friday, September 24, 2010

Spotsy GOP Press Release on the VDOT Audit

VDOT Audit Exposes Democrats’ Failure

The announcement that Governor McDonnell’s audit of VDOT revealed nearly $1 billion in unspent funds revealed the failure of the previous Administration in Richmond, Chairman Steve Thomas said today.

“The VDOT audit showed that former Governor Tim Kaine was incredibly lax in getting transportation funding out of the pipeline and onto Virginia roads,” said Thomas. “For Kaine and his fellow Democrats to demand tax increases while holding back nearly one dollar in three for roads is unconscionable. This incompetence scandal is the largest in the history of Virginia.”

Thomas noted that local Democrat politicians were also swept up in the same embarrassing tax-hike rhetoric.

“We are disappointed in the lack of creativity of local politicians like Sen. Edd Houck (D- Spotsylvania)– who repeatedly voted for tax increases in the State Senate and just last year was quoted as saying the GA better get on board with gas tax hikes – and Supervisor Hap Connors (D-Chancellor), who demanded a gas-tax hike just this week,” said Thomas. “It must be embarrassing for them to see that the largest impediment to improving our roads wasn’t the taxpayers; it was the bureaucrats. Next time, instead of reflexively pushing tax hikes and bigger government on the people of the region, perhaps they might consider finding innovative ways to make government work less costly and more efficiently.”

Another local Republican was particularly critical of Houck.

“Edd Houck’s record on taxes is over the top, even for Democrats,” noted D.J. McGuire, former Republican nominee for Supervisor in Spotsylvania. “He actually voted for thirteen different tax increases in one day.”

McGuire’s comment was a reference to June 24, 2008, when Houck voted in favor of three bills that included sixteen tax increases in total (three of which were duplicates).

“Creigh Deeds cast the same votes Houck did, and we saw what happened to him,” noted Thomas. “We look forward to the discussion with Houck and Connors, who always look to take more money from the taxpayers first and deal with waste in Richmond and the Holbert Building last.”

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