Monday, October 25, 2010

Wittman sweeps all major endorsements for 1st District!

Richmond Times Dispatch:

We endorse Rep. Rob Wittman in Eastern Virginia's 1st District. His expertise in marine science is especially useful for a leader in the efforts to improve the Chesapeake Bay without regulatory overkill. He seems far less susceptible than most members to Potomac Fever, or at least to the strain found outside the Northern Neck: Wittman frequently drives home to Westmoreland County when the workday ends at the U.S. Capitol. He is a solid fiscal conservative.

Freelance Star:

Wittman and Cantor get it. Mr. Wittman tells us frankly that Republican Congresses of the last decade ignored their stated small-government principles. He didn't say, but might have, that the current crisis in government spending began when GOP Congresses failed to pay for two shooting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Mr. Cantor, the House whip, is co-founder of the Young Guns Program, the aim of which is to elect a new generation of Republican congressmen untainted by Beltway cynicism. Mr. Cantor is, pardon the expression, smart as a whip, and Mr. Wittman is no intellectual night light, either. In any rejuvenation of the Republic, both are capable of playing important roles.

Daily Press:

He has grown into this role, and he talks about its needs, and the nation's, with a thoughtful grasp of the issue and a pragmatic eye to solutions - and little of the ideology that hollows out much partisan rhetoric.

His focus is on issues that are important to his district: jobs; the ratcheting up of government's burdens on businesses and the uncertainty that is shunting their plans off to the sidelines. He favors stringent controls on federal spending, which is essential if we are to keep this nation from heading into an economic morass and a statist social order that will rob it of its potential. His stance on immigration is reasonable: Address businesses' demand for labor with more realistic quotas on work visas, and make it easier for employers to check applicants' immigration status. And, for Virginia, it's a boon to have in Washington someone who understands Chesapeake Bay issues

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