Friday, November 19, 2010

District Chair proposal (to be discussed at Nov 30 meeting)

Spotsylvania County Republican Committee
Proposal for Committee leadership organization
Steve Thomas, Chairman

District Chairmen
Several Units around the Commonwealth- notably Fairfax and PWC to our north- have a system of chairmen of their magisterial districts. These district chairs serve several important functions:
-Knowledge of precincts, important people, future candidates, voting patterns, volunteers, and Committee membership from their districts
-Knowledge of local issues
-Knowledge of elected officials and opponents
-Ability to call meetings of the Committee membership from that district
-Responsibility to make sure each of the precincts in their District has a Captain for elections
-They serve as a bench for future elected positions and Committee leadership
-They allow future candidates to become more knowledgeable about their area and the political process
I propose beginning this system of District Chairmen here in Spotsylvania. We have grown significantly as a county and a Committee, and the difficulty in drafting candidates and precinct captains requires more grassroots help than one of even a few countywide officials (like the Committee Chairman) can provide.
This system will allow new members to get their feet wet on a grassroots level, it will make it easier to find precinct captains, and it will allow more future candidates for office to come up through the ranks and develop a “bench”, which the Committee has lacked for some time.
This system would allow the Committee membership from each of the seven magisterial districts to elect new District chairmen at the November 30, 2010 Committee meeting.
The new positions created would be:
Battlefield District Chairman
Berkeley District Chairman
Chancellor District Chairman
Courtland District Chairman
Lee Hill District Chairman
Livingston District Chairman
Salem District Chairman
If new districts are created by redistricting, new District Chairs would then be elected.



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