Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spotsylvania leads victorious sweep by GOP Candidates

Today, Spotsylvania led the nation with a sweep by Republican candidates for Congress.

While the rest of the Commonwealth was turning away recently-elected Democrats, Rob Wittman won his second full term with 64% of the vote, including 65% of Spotsylvania. As longtime Democrats were retired by angry voters, Eric Cantor won his sixth full term with nearly 60% of the vote, including 70% of Spotsylvania; Spotsylvania delivered Cantor's second-highest victory percentage.

"Virginia has always led the way for our country throughout its history. Tonight, it did so again", noted Spotsylvania Republican Chairman Steve Thomas. "As three new Republican congressmen are ready to join the new GOP majority in the House of Representatives, Virginia can claim one of the most Republican delegations in the nation."

Thomas noted the importance of Virginia's shift away from the Democrats: "In 2008, the Democrats asked Virginia for their support and trust; they got it, and they squandered it. Now Virginia is making us the same offer - and we will not let them down."

"We are especially proud of our Congressmen, Rob Wittman and Eric Cantor, two fine gentlemen who have made us proud during their tenure in Congress and will continue to do so over the next two years. And I want to give sincere thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who worked the polls on behalf of our Republican representatives."

Thomas also took the time to look ahead to the future: "Last year, Spotsylvania led the way in bringing thrifty and responsible government to the State Capitol. This year, we helped bring it to Congress. Next year, we will bring it to the Holbert Building, and in 2012, we'll help bring it to the White House."

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