Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Statement on the Censure of School Board member Amanda Blalock

Today, Spotsylvania Republican Committee Chairman Steve Thomas
questioned the lack of both transparency and evidence regarding the
School Board majority's censure of Lee Hill representative Amanda

"Mrs. Blalock is a duly elected official and deserves clarity on the
accusations that resulted in her censure", said Thomas. "The voters
who elected her also deserve to see what, if any, evidence exists to
support the accusations. In fact, we have not even heard the specific
accusations themselves."

"The censure resolution went so far as to note that the School Board
could not by law remove Mrs. Blalock, strongly implying that if they
could remove her, they would. This makes it all the more imperative
that the School Board majority come clean and make transparent any and
all evidence so Mrs. Blalock can defend herself in the realm of public
opinion, and the public may then come to their own informed opinions."

"At present, the lack of clarity makes this episode look like a
witch-hunt, even if the Salem representative was not there for the
vote", added Thomas.

"The problem here is the lack of transparency", former Lee Hill
supervisor candidate D.J. McGuire added. "If what Mrs. Blalock did was
so terrible, let us know what it is. That would be far better than
doing this behind closed doors without any specifics."

"Spotsylvania government has suffered for many years for a lack of
transparency. Here is an opporunity for the School Board majority to
do the right thing for the voters and taxpayers of the county", added

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