Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Statement of Chairman Steve Thomas on the comments of Marty Wilder

Last night the Spotsylvania School Board, in the person of Chancellor rep Marty Wilder, finally gave a response to community criticism of the handling of the censure of Amanda Blalock. While the response was welcome, its content was somewhat misdirected.

"Mr. Wilder misquoted me as saying he was 'unamerican'. I said no such thing, and would not say such a thing.", said Chairman Steve Thomas. "I said their action was unamerican. Mr. Wilder later confirmed this analysis by noting in his comments that the whole matter was 'revealed', supposed evidence shown to the School Board members in Mrs. Blalock's absence, and then 'tried' in a questionable procedure- all in the span of 10 days right before the Holidays. By way of comparison, trying a speeding ticket takes two months. This matter was flawed in its handling, rushed in its judgement and unusual in its punishment. It should not have happened in that manner, and the community was nearly unanimous in its disappointment."

"Mr. Wilder also stated that I said it was a 'political hit job'. I said it 'appeared to be a political hit job'. This appearance was confirmed by Mrs. Blalock losing her Vice-chairmanship to the ever-absent Don Holmes, while last night Mr. Seaux himself reasserted the politicization by his attacks on Governor McDonnell and the Republicans in the General Assembly and his effusive praise for Democrat Edd Houck."

"All in all, the School Board majority could have made amends by using the two words we all teach our kids to use: "I'm sorry". We are disappointed they did not."

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