Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reason #2 for not re-electing Edd Houck: Good government Republican ideas

Reducing the Cost of Government
HB1681 - Zero Based Budgeting (Bell, Richard P.) - Requires all state agencies prepare their budget requests for the 2012-2014 biennial budget by utilizing a zero-based budgeting methodology.

HJ540 - Limits On Appropriation (Cole) - Limits annual increases in state spending to the rate of inflation plus population increases. The General Assembly may exceed this limitation only by an affirmative vote of at least three-fifths of the elected members.

HB2196 - Government Transparency Act (Comstock) - Establishes a searchable database website that would allow persons to search information including but not limited to (i) individual or specific appropriations or budget items, (ii) state agency spending and procurement data, (iii) financial disclosure statements, (iv) audit and state agency performance reports and (v) contact information for public records access purposes.

HB2416 - Accountability & Performance Review Commission (Stolle) - Establishes the Accountability and Performance Review Commission to review all state agencies on an eight-year cycle and advise the General Assembly on the elimination of waste, duplication and inefficiency on the part of such agencies and determine whether or not the agencies and their individual programs can be eliminated or reduced.

SB912 - Biennial Appropriation Act (McDougle) - Provides that the Commonwealth's biennial appropriations shall start on July 1 of odd-numbered years beginning with the biennial appropriation act for the period July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2015. The bill would require that the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012, would not be a part of any biennial appropriation act (i.e., it would be a single-year transitional budget).
Making Government More Accountable

HJ542 / SJ 280 - Constitutional Amendment - Providing for the repeal of certain laws passed by the US Congress (LeMunyon/McDougle)
- Makes application to the United States Congress to call a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of proposing an amendment that permits the repeal of any federal law or regulation by the vote of two-thirds of the state legislatures.

HB 2052 / SB 1125 - Right To Vote By Secret Ballot In Union Elections (Hugo/Stosch) - Declares that in any election providing for the establishment of a labor organization to represent employees, the right of an individual employee to vote by secret ballot is a fundamental right that shall be guaranteed.

HJ 500 / SJ 280- Constitutional Amendment - Right to Work (Bell, Richard P./McDougle) - Provides that any agreement between an employer and a labor union that denies persons not members of such union or organization the right to work is against public policy and illegal.

HB1566 - Legislators Recorded Votes Online (LeMunyon) - Provides that all votes cast by members of the General Assembly shall be recorded on
electronic information system (LIS) that is readily available to the public.

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