Monday, January 17, 2011

Statement of Chairman Steve Thomas on the candidacy of Don Holmes

Today, Salem School Board member Don Holmes announced he was not going to run for re-election, instead running for Salem Supervisor. Spotsylvania Republican Committee Chairman Steve Thomas immediately denounced the move.

"Don Holmes is the worst possible candidate to be supervisor of the Salem District", Chairman Thomas said. "He has a blatent disrespect for the law and for the safety of others, as evidenced by his two DUI convictions. He also has a blatent disrespect for openness and transparency in government, as evidenced by his voting for a promotion for his wife in 2008- without even informing the Board that he has a conflict of interest, as required by law."

"He followed up these actions by missing 50% of the School Board meetings in 2010, then supplanting Amanda Blalock for Vice Chair of the School Board the very week before announcing for Supervisor. This action accompanied his now-infamous comments that he didn’t even see the supposed incriminating emails of Amanda Blalock’s, but supported her censure anyway."

"Don Holmes is the consummate political insider who has now abandoned any pretense of ever working for the children of Spotsylvania, instead choosing to seek more power. This is the exact sort of politician that gives politics a bad name, and voters should resoundingly reject his attempt at an unearned promotion".

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