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Cutting spending will grow the economy, by Rep. Eric Cantor

Cutting spending will grow the economy
Richmond Times-Dispatch
By Rep. Eric Cantor
February 26, 2011

America is at a tipping point, and Republicans have begun to take action.

Last week, the House passed unprecedented legislation reducing discretionary spending this fiscal year by more than $100 billion. In addition, we made clear that our long-term budget, to be unveiled in the spring, will address the entitlement crisis that threatens to bankrupt our country — a long overdue move that politicians for too long have kicked down the road. This show of fiscal restraint represents not merely a clean break with Congress' free-spending past, but a rededication to economic growth and a laser-like focus on job creation.

It's important to recognize the link between cutting spending and growing the economy. Like the gardener pruning the tree, we do not cut for the sake of cutting, but out of necessity. It's the only way to restore economic health and free up the private capital necessary for new growth. Put simply, less government spending equals more private sector jobs.

Economic growth is generated when businesses weigh their risks against their potential reward (returns after taxes) and make a decision that an investment is worthwhile. That investment can take the form of a capital investment or an investment in additional labor (jobs). Especially in this increasingly interconnected world, businesses will logically move their investments to wherever they can achieve the greatest returns without assuming too much additional risk.

For many years, America offered unparalleled opportunity for businesses to grow and succeed. Investors could find in the United States comparatively low taxes, a consistent regulatory environment and a stable currency. Tens of millions of jobs were created as America served as the global driver of growth and prosperity.

Yet today many doubt whether America can still power the world economy forward. Uncertainty over our deteriorating fiscal situation and increasingly burdensome regulatory structure has made job creators and investors think twice about deploying their capital in the United States.

As the federal government continues to borrow nearly 40 cents for every dollar it spends, America's $14 trillion debt hangs over the economy like a dark cloud waiting to unleash a violent storm of higher taxes, inflation and higher borrowing costs. The very businesses and investors we need to grow our economy are waiting to see if this cloud will pass.

The more local and national business owners I meet with, the more obvious it becomes that our businesses are innovative and poised to grow; government just has to stop making it harder for them to compete.

As part of our larger effort, Republicans are reviewing and cutting job-impeding regulations that stifle job growth. Next week, we will repeal the onerous 1099 reporting requirement to provide small businesses with much-needed relief. Additionally, we are focused on other ways to grow the economy, including tax reform and implementing job-creating trade agreements.

Will the administration and the Senate join us in getting our fiscal house in order? Or will they continue to add entitlements and borrow and spend at unsustainable levels? If only they would unite with us, confidence can be restored in America and capital investment can return.

But if they don't walk us back from the precipice, businesses will see only weaker prospects for profit and growth on our shores — and turn instead to other countries they deem safer. What does this mean for America? It means we would be a lot more like Europe. Our graduates and work force would have less opportunity to find work. Our prospective entrepreneurs would have less incentive to pursue their ideas. Unemployment would be permanently higher and growth would be permanently weaker.

During his recent speech to the Chamber of Commerce, President Barack Obama insisted that in response to his policies, businesses have a "responsibility" to hire more workers and support the U.S. economy. But that's not how it works in market-based economies. There is no magic hiring wand.

If the president genuinely wants to create jobs, he should take a cue from Virginia. Gov. Bob McDonnell has turned a $1.8 billion deficit into a $403 million surplus, cut $4.2 billion out of the 2011 and 2012 budgets — and he has done so without raising taxes.

America needs to show the world that we are serious about slashing our debt. By cutting $100 billion off the president's proposed budget and taking the lead in reforming entitlements, House Republicans have demonstrated that we are more than ready to help make the tough choices necessary to move us in the right direction. Moving forward, we will use every tool at our disposal to remove barriers to economic growth so that people can get back to work and we can start to get our fiscal house in order.

Eric Cantor, who represents Virginia's 7th District in the U.S. House of Representatives, is the House majority leader. Contact his office at or call (804) 747-4073.

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Bill Bolling on the passage of the Planned Parenthood regulation bill

...that Edd Houck voted against, one day after quoting scripture against the House GOP's budget.

Bolling Casts Tie-Breaking Vote On Legislation To Regulate Abortion Clinics In Virginia

Earlier this week I cast the tie-breaking vote in support of SB924, which requires the Board of Health to develop regulations to enhance patient safety at abortion clinics in Virginia. This legislation will now be forwarded to Governor McDonnell for his review and signature.

I have long supported enhanced patient safety standards for abortion clinics. In my view, this is not a debate about abortion, it is a question of patient safety. Today, there are no specific regulations governing the operation of abortion clinics and no state agency routinely inspects abortion clinics to make certain they protecting patient safety. This needs to change.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, we should all be able to agree that there need to be specific patient safety standards for abortion clinics and we need to regularly inspect these facilities to make certain they are complying with these standards. Any woman undergoing an abortion deserves such protections and should expect the Commonwealth to make certain that they are in place.

Unfortunately, media accounts of SB924 have been grossly misleading. Media accounts have suggested that abortion clinics will now be regulated in the same way as acute care hospitals. That is absolutely untrue. In fact, we don't even know what specific regulations will be adopted for abortion clinics. These regulations will be developed by the Board of Health over the next 280 days. I have confidence that the Board will develop regulations that are fair and balanced.

I was pleased to cast the deciding vote in favor of SB924. I have always supported this legislation and it is consistent with my pro-life voting record. However, this issue, more than any other issue I have been involved with during my 20 years of public service, shows that you can't believe everything you read or hear. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find out what an issue is really all about.

If you would like to learn more about the General Assembly's actions on SB924 you might want read some of the following media accounts:
Washington Post
Richmond Times Dispatch
AP/Fox News
Virginia Statehouse News


Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling

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Gov. McDonnell on the success of his agenda in the 2011 GA

Contact: Jeff Caldwell
Phone: (804) 225-4260
E-mail: Jeff.Caldwell@Governor.Virginia.Gov

Governor McDonnell’s 2011 Agenda Receives Broad Support
Agenda Highlighted by Passage of Major Transportation Investment and Higher Education Legislation; New Economic Development Tools and Government Reforms
***92% of McDonnell Agenda Passes General Assembly***

RICHMOND – The overwhelming majority of Governor Bob McDonnell’s 2011 legislative agenda passed Virginia’s General Assembly with strong bipartisan support. Ninety-two percent of his initiatives passed the majority Republican House of Delegates and the majority Democratic State Senate and now await his signature.

The Governor’s success in the session was highlighted by legislative approval of his four chief objectives, which he outlined in his January 12th State of the Commonwealth Address. The General Assembly, in bipartisan votes on each measure, passed McDonnell’s legislation to:

· Create the framework to put nearly $4 billion into transportation over just the next three years; the largest investment in transportation in Virginia in a generation
· Make higher education more accessible and affordable in the Commonwealth through passage of the Governor’s “Preparing for the Top Jobs of the 21st Century: The Virginia Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2011” – The legislation is part of the Governor’s overall effort to award 100,000 more degrees over the next 15 years, and bring more innovation and accountability, and STEM concentration, to Virginia’s colleges and universities
· Institute a series of government reform measures to make Virginia state government smaller, smarter and more efficient
· Establish, through his “Opportunity At Work” initiative, new economic development tools to help new and existing businesses create new jobs in the Commonwealth

This year’s agenda builds on Governor McDonnell’s successful inaugural General Assembly Session in 2010 in which he reduced state spending to 2006 levels, closed $6 billion in budget shortfalls without raising taxes, and witnessed 80% of his legislative proposals become law. To learn more about the Governor’s 2010 legislative agenda, please visit:
Speaking about the 2011 General Assembly Session, Governor McDonnell remarked, “In just six productive weeks, the General Assembly has worked diligently to pass, in a strong bipartisan manner, legislation that will greatly improve Virginia’s transportation system, increase access to higher education, streamline and reform government, and help grow opportunities in our economy. This is proof Virginia still sets the example for the rest of the nation by demonstrating that we can work together and put aside party politics to provide common-sense solutions to the challenges facing our citizens.”

McDonnell continued, “I am pleased that, with overwhelming support from Republicans and Democrats, we passed legislation that will provide the largest commitment to transportation in over a generation. This legislation creates the framework to pump $4 billion into roads, bridges and rail over the next three years in every region of the Commonwealth. Our economy will benefit, new jobs will be created, and Virginians will be able to get to work a little easier in the morning and home to their families a little quicker in the evening. With our top bond rating we will get the best interest rates at low prices, and we will be able to start projects now. And with our multiple audits, and this new legislation, we will improve the performance of VDOT. For too long we have failed to invest properly in transportation. The 2011 session will be remembered for this breakthrough legislation, and I thank the bipartisan leadership of Speaker Bill Howell, Delegate Glen Oder, Chairman Chuck Colgan and Senator William Wampler.”

McDonnell added, “We also passed landmark higher education legislation that will create a roadmap for awarding 100,000 new degrees over the next 15 years. The ‘Top Jobs’ legislation will make college more affordable and accessible for our students, and will ensure more accountability among our institutions. I want to thank the bipartisan leadership of Delegates Kirk Cox and Rosalyn Dance and Senators Edd Houck and Tommy Norment in carrying this legislation.”

He further noted, “Through the passage of key government reform proposals we are well on our way to further streamlining state government and making it more accountable to the taxpayers. The proposals were a product of the hard work of the Governor’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring. They include eliminating boards and commissions, combining and streamlining agencies, ending some unfunded mandates on localities, and establishing an Inspector General to investigate waste and inefficiencies in state government.”

Governor McDonnell concluded, “Finally, we continued to implement new economic development and job creation tools through our ‘Opportunity at Work’ agenda that will attract new businesses to the Commonwealth and help existing businesses grow. Virginia remains the nation’s top state in which to do business, and these tools will ensure that we continue that trend, allowing us to compete better against other states and countries.”

Lieutenant Governor and Chief Jobs Creations Officer Bill Bolling commented, “During this year’s legislative session, we were able to make significant progress advancing our agenda to get Virginia’s economy growing again and create jobs for Virginia families. I want to thank the General Assembly for approving many of the major components of our ‘Opportunity At Work’ agenda which will give us more tools to recruit new businesses to Virginia, help existing businesses expand, and give us more resources to promote Virginia domestically and internationally as a great place to do business. As a result, we can be even more aggressive in advancing our key economic development strategies and competing for new business in important sectors including biotechnology, life sciences, information technology, tourism and small business. We will also be able to enhance our efforts to improve our workforce training programs in Virginia. Our ‘Opportunity At Work’ agenda will help create more jobs and promote economic growth in the Commonwealth for years to come.”

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli added, “I am heartened that the General Assembly passed a critical – and long time coming – resolution this session to enshrine private property protections in the Virginia Constitution. It is a critical first step in ensuring that political whims and special interests can no longer chip away at this very fundamental right of the people.”

Speaking about the historic transportation legislation that he patroned in the House, Speaker William J. Howell remarked, “The General Assembly’s passage of significant, innovative and cost-effective legislation to strengthen Virginia’s transportation network is good news for all Virginians. House Bill 2527 / SB 1446 now will provide VDOT additional tools to leverage available private and local government funding to expedite transportation improvements across the Commonwealth. I’m especially delighted that the legislation creates a new Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank, which will be capitalized by at least $282.7 million to provide grants to local governmental entities and loans to private entities that have entered into public-private transportation act agreements. I’m also delighted that the legislation expands the existing VDOT revenue-sharing program by raising the per-project state match from $1 million to $10 million, and an increase in overall funding for the program from a maximum of $50 million per year to $200 million each year. Because these funds will be matched on a dollar-to-dollar basis by local investments in transportation, it doubles the infrastructure projects that can be undertaken. Governor McDonnell’s leadership and championing of this common-sense legislation represents the type of bold approach needed to ensure Virginia has a modern transportation system.”

Senator Edd Houck (D-Spotsylvania), who co-patroned the “Top Jobs” legislation in the Senate, commented, “Every student in Virginia deserves the access to a top-quality education at an affordable price. As tuitions skyrocket and admissions get harder at our higher education institutions, I am pleased that we have begun to create a roadmap that will increase access and reduce costs. Virginia is home to some of the top universities in the country and we have an excellent higher education system. This legislation will ensure that our universities remain at the top and maintain their excellence, but also opens the door to more opportunities for our students.”

Senator Walter Stosch (R-Henrico), who carried a number of government reform bills, noted, “I am proud to work with the Governor on this important reform legislative package. This year we passed legislation that will establish a State Inspector General who will identify and eliminate waste, fraud, abuse and corruption in state government. This is a much needed reform that, along with the elimination of several mandates and 49 boards and commissions, will save taxpayer money and make state government more efficient.”

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Bill Bolling's statement on the GA session coming to a close

Contact: Ibbie Hedrick
Phone: 804-786-2078
Cell: 804-677-0009

-Bolling applauds passage of economic development, higher education and transportation initiatives-

RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling issued the following statement regarding the conclusion of the 2011 General Assembly session:

“The General Assembly adjourned today after passing several critically important legislative initiatives in the areas of economic development, higher education and transportation. I am pleased with the Administration’s successes during this year’s legislative session, and I am gratified by the broad, bipartisan support our agenda received from members of the General Assembly.

“I want to thank members of the General Assembly for approving our entire economic development legislative package known as the Opportunity At Work agenda. This new package of innovative economic development initiatives will allow us to aggressively build upon the successes of the past year and compete for new business in a wide range of industries including bio-sciences, information technology, tourism and small business. We will also be able to enhance our efforts to improve workforce training programs in Virginia and make significant investments in important community revitalization programs.

“I commend the members of the General Assembly for passing the Governor’s Higher Education Reform and Investment Act, which will improve curriculum, affordability and access for Virginia’s students at our colleges and universities and transform higher education into an economic catalyst for Virginia. This is the first step in an ongoing effort to reinvest in higher education and make certain that higher education remains available and affordable for the sons and daughters of Virginia.

“I applaud the members of the General Assembly for their support of the Governor’s transportation funding package, Get Virginia Moving. As a result of their support, Virginia will now be able to make the most substantial financial investment in roads and transit projects in twenty-five years, and we have done so without raising taxes. With construction prices falling and interest rates low, Virginia will benefit from the best opportunity in modern history to leverage funds for new transportation projects.

“Our state continues to face some ongoing financial challenges, but we are in much better condition today than we were one year ago. By reducing spending, redirecting resources to core functions and dedicating budget surpluses to one-time expenditures, we were able to craft a fiscally responsible state budget. What we have accomplished should stand as a vivid example to other states and our friends in Washington of what they need to do to restructure their budgets and restore financial responsibility at every level of government.

“The Governor and I laid out a bold agenda this year to reform government and expand economic opportunity and I’m pleased that our agenda received overwhelming approval.”

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Board of Supervisors Tuesday: what to watch

Tuesday's BoS meeting will have 2 items of note:

1. Update and info on redistricting

2. Ordinance on county enforcement on signs in VDOT right of way. Supervisor Logan is heading up the effort on this and could use our help!

Get out there and be active in our county government!

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Cantor: Mr. President, we can't do it alone

Mr. President, we can't do it alone
By: Rep. Eric Cantor
February 19, 2011 11:01 PM EST

This is a leadership moment.

When Republicans gained control of Congress, we promised to do everything in our power to grow the economy and create jobs. From day one, our majority has made clear that those goals can only be achieved by first getting America’s fiscal house back in order.

The pro-growth case for addressing all spending – both discretionary and entitlement – is obvious. America’s surging $14-trillion debt burden raises fears of future tax increases, inflation and higher borrowing costs. With this kind of uncertainty hanging over the U.S. marketplace, businesses, investors and families have proved reluctant to put capital to work. If Congress and the White House shirk our shared responsibility to deal with the problem, our growth outlook will only get worse. To re-establish the United States as the economic powerhouse of the 21st Century, we need bold actions, not “conversations.”

By moving decisively to rein in spending, our government can send the world a signal that America is, once again, open for business.

House Republicans took the lead by passing the largest discretionary spending cuts since World War II. We announced that our budget, which House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will unveil this spring, will address America’s unsustainable entitlements, which everyone – except the House and Senate Democratic leadership – realizes will not be available for our children unless they are modernized and reformed.

House Republicans are taking on entitlement reform not because it is popular or politically advantageous. In fact, we understand the political risk. We are taking it on because it’s the right thing to do. In fact, it’s the only thing to do. It’s about leadership that can deliver results for the people.

We are leading and will address our challenges head on, but one party in a divided government can’t do it alone.

President Barack Obama has inspired hope that he will deal with the problem by establishing a debt commission and talking about the need to cut spending. Yet, when it came time to unveil his budget, the president shattered our best hopes by failing to deliver. Analysis from pundits across the political spectrum has correctly called out the president for his budget’s conspicuous lack of candor.

As our government continues to borrow almost 40 cents for every dollar it spends, a spending freeze, or – to put it another way, the status quo – is not an option. With the deficit at $1.6 trillion this year alone, proposing a meager $1.1 trillion in savings over the next 10 years just can’t be taken seriously. Especially when the White House simultaneously plans to add $7.2 trillion in new debt.

And what to make of leaving entitlements out of the budget entirely? Walling off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from the budget may spare the president the tough decisions the president was elected to make. But kicking the can down the road is no substitute for real leadership. Just ask Greece.

Facing withering criticism over its budget, the White House now signals a new willingness to deal. The president says he is “glad” that Republicans will include entitlements in our budget, and calls the move “significant progress that there is an interest on all sides on those issues.” Many Americans are understandably skeptical.

His actions are more important than his reassuring words. Can the president, who already added a new open-ended health care entitlement, suddenly summon the courage to rein in the other entitlements? Is he willing to fight to ensure that the mission of health and retirement security is fulfilled?

And can he bring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on board? The president needs to convey to his Democratic leaders in Congress the same message put forward by his own deficit commission: Denial is no strategy for a nation awash in deficits. We can’t afford to fiddle while we still have time to head off a European-style debt crisis.

During this president’s historic bid for the White House, he wowed crowds with promises to change the way Washington works. But there’s no greater manifestation of the business-as-usual mentality than the way politicians punt tough decisions into the future.

In that vein, this president can show leadership by urging that, on an issue of such national importance, both parties should agree to a détente on political attacks. By so doing, we can work together and make progress and deliver results for the people who elected us.

People deserve leaders who think about the next generation — not just the next election. I pledge to be a partner in that effort.

The president promised a brighter future. Here’s your chance to lead, Mr. President.

Eric Cantor (R-Va.) serves as the House majority leader.

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Promises fulfilled by Eric Cantor

Today is a new day in Washington. This week, House Republicans passed a historic measure that cuts spending by at least $100 billion in the next seven months - the single largest federal spending cut in modern history.
Congressman Eric Cantor and his Republican colleagues have made it a priority to get Washington's financial house back in order to provide a new level of certainty to the American economy so that businesses can begin to grow and create jobs.
For the first time in many years, the House of Representatives once again truly belonged to the people. Your elected Representatives were allowed to offer and debate amendments and actually vote on spending cuts on the House Floor.
This isn't the end, but rather just the beginning. Stay tuned as Congressman Cantor and his Republican colleagues continue their efforts to cut spending, grow the economy and help get people back to work.


Official Call for Thursday's county GOP meeting

I, Steven Thomas, do hereby issue a call for a meeting of the County Committee of the Republican Party of Spotsylvania, Virginia to be held on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at the Salem Church Library, 2607 Salem Church Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia at 7:30 pm. The time from 7 pm until 7:30 pm will be available for public announcements, candidate announcements and fellowship.
The agenda shall be:

1. Call to Order (7:30)
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Republican Creed
5. Roll Call of Membership
6. Treasurer's Report: Membership renewal time!
A. Address to the Committee from Sen. Mark Obenshain (R)
B. Address to the Committee from Ashley Taylor, fmr. Va. Dep. Attorney General

C. Tactical proposals: Website template, Committee of 3500, Letters to the Editor, Budget

8. Old Business:
A. Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, March 15, Lake Anna Winery.
9. Adjournment (8:30)

Steve Thomas
Spotsylvania Republican Committee
"Great moments are born of great opportunity."
-Herb Brooks, 1980 US Olympic Hockey coach


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reason #4 to vote against Edd Houck: indefensible votes (by Bob McDonnell)

Contact: Jeff Caldwell
Phone: (804) 225-4260
E-mail: Jeff.Caldwell@Governor.Virginia.Gov

Statement of Governor McDonnell on the Senate Finance Vote Against Educational Improvement Tax Credit

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement today in response to the Senate Finance Committee vote against HB 2314, which would establish a tax credit for companies donating to nonprofit organizations that provide scholarships to help lower income students attend nonpublic schools. In a party line vote, nine Democrats to six Republicans, the Committee has killed this legislation which passed the House of Delegates last week.

“Once again, Democrats in the Senate have unfortunately voted against innovative education reforms that would increase educational opportunities for Virginia’s underprivileged children, and have instead decided to side with special interest groups and unions. This proven legislation would have allowed non-profits to provide more scholarships for lower income children to attend non-public schools, a measure that would actually save the state money. It would incentivize the business community to do good work to help those in need, a great American value. It is time for Senate Democrats to rethink their priorities and make decisions that are in the best interest of Virginia’s children, not outside unions and advocates for bigger government. The growing national effort to provide more educational opportunities for our young people is a bipartisan one. In Washington D.C. President Obama is committed to this effort and implementing new options and creative educational tools like charter schools and merit pay. I want to thank the Republican members on Senate Finance who stood up for Virginia’s low income families and voted to provide new educational options for children across the Commonwealth, and all those who have worked to move this measure forward. Helping disadvantaged children access greater educational opportunities is the right thing to do, and we will continue to work to increase that access in the years ahead.”


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Virginia government posts 12+% revenue growth in January

Contact: Jeff Caldwell
Phone: (804) 225-4260
E-mail: Jeff.Caldwell@Governor.Virginia.Gov

Commonwealth Posts 12.6% Revenue Growth in January
~Tenth Month out of Last Eleven with Increase in Revenue Collections over Prior Year~

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that January revenue collections increased by 12.6% over the prior year. This is the tenth month out of the last 11 in which state revenue collections exceeded the previous year’s amount. Excluding tax amnesty revenue, it is the third month in a row in which year-over-year revenue growth was greater than 9%.
The revenue increase was primarily driven by withholding (+5.4%), nonwitholding (+10%) and sales tax (+5.7%) collections. Adjusted for the accelerated sales tax program, total state revenues grew 5.4 percent through January, slightly ahead of the economic-base forecast of 5.2 percent growth. January is a significant month for revenue collections.

Speaking about the latest revenue report, Governor McDonnell noted, “These economic indicators are showing a trend of progress and recovery. Unemployment numbers continue falling, and Virginia has added 55,400 jobs since February 2010, the fourth highest number of net new jobs in the nation. The increases in revenue growth and reductions in unemployment are signs that Virginia is beginning to emerge from the recession and that our fiscally responsible management is making a positive impact on our economic recovery. Still, nearly 280,000 Virginians remain unemployed and this is unacceptable. We have much more work to do to get Virginians back to work and to continue growing our economy.”

The Governor continued, “Working closely with the General Assembly, our bipartisan economic development efforts and job creation measures are finding broad support this session. We must make government smaller and more efficient, and focus our investments in core functions of government like higher education, economic development and transportation which help create the conditions conducive to private sector job creation. We must keep taxation, regulation and litigation to a minimum to free our job creators and entrepreneurs to innovate, create and grow. Maintaining fiscal responsibility in our state budget is necessary to ensure that this early recovery takes hold and is sustained for the long term."

The January revenue numbers are available at this link:


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Statement of Congressman Cantor on President Obama's "Budget" proposal

“President Obama says he wants to win the future, but the future will not be won by repeating the mistakes of the past and failing to live up to our responsibilities in the present. The future will be won by bold and honest leadership that addresses our challenges head on.
“Monday, the President missed a unique opportunity to provide real leadership by offering a budget that fails to address the grave fiscal situation facing our country. At a time when unemployment is too high and economic growth is elusive in part because of the uncertainty created by our skyrocketing debt, we need serious reforms that will help restore confidence so that people can get back to work. We need a government that finally does what every other American has to do in their households and their businesses, and that's to live within our means. Instead, President Obama’s budget doubles down on the bad habits of the past four years by calling for more taxes, spending and borrowing of money that we simply do not have.
“President Obama has used tough rhetoric about the need to get our fiscal house in order, even assembling a bipartisan commission to address entitlement spending which accounts for more than half of our federal budget including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Unfortunately, the President again failed to put action behind his words by neglecting to even acknowledge these tough issues that everyone knows drive up our debt and must be reformed if they are to meet their obligations for younger Americans.
As our government continues to borrow forty cents of every dollar that it spends, our Democrat colleagues have offered no credible plan to get Americans back to work or seriously address our debt. In contrast, House Republicans are fully committed to using every tool at our disposal so that we can boost long-term economic confidence and help businesses to grow. And this week we will cut at least $100 billion of wasteful spending, a first step toward getting our fiscal house in order.
“For years, Democrats have proposed more government spending to create jobs, resulting in the largest debt and deficits in history while unemployment remains too high. Republicans believe in free markets and the ability for small businesses and entrepreneurs to keep more of their own money so they can invest, grow their companies and hire employees. This is the difference, and it will be clearly evident in the coming weeks as Chairman Paul Ryan and House Republicans introduce our own budget, one that addresses the challenges we face so that our children have the same hope, opportunity, and ability to achieve that our parents gave to us and their parents to them.”

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Reason #3 to defeat Edd Houck: Property Rights (by Sen. Mark Obenshain)

Eminent Domain / Motion to Discharge
On Tuesday, I committed what some see as a cardinal sin in politics. I made a motion to require members of the Senate to actually cast vote on whether or not we should adopt a constitutional amendment to ban eminent domain abuse (SJ 307). Bear with me a minute, because this is something that has not happened for decades.

When Senator Janet Howell, Chairman of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee, decided that she was going to disregard the Rules of the Senate in order to shield her colleagues from having to vote on controversial issues like eminent domain reform, Republicans had a choice. They could 'shut up and take it' or they could stand up do something about it.

Unfortunately, after being ignored and shot down by Senator Howell and the Democratic majority, at the end of the day only one option remained available to Senate Republics - a seldom-used procedural move to bring the bill directly to the floor and bypass any of the committees.

Such a motion has not been made for decades, and senators from both parties have always felt that it would be inappropriate to use that motion, since it undermines the orderly process rising from committee consideration of bills. Here, however, there was no committee consideration of the eminent domain bill and Republican Senators all (yes, all 18) agreed that they had no choice but to move to bring the eminent domain constitutional amendment to the floor.

On Tuesday I made the motion - the first of its kind in more than twenty years - to discharge the Committee on Privileges and Elections from further consideration of the constitutional amendment on eminent domain reform. I was pleased that Senator Tommy Norment, with whom I have not always agreed, promptly stood up and seconded my motion.

That led to a vote on the floor on the amendment-technically, a vote on whether to bring it to the floor, but the only real vote likely to occur on the bill all year. We fell short on a party-line vote, with 18 Republicans voting in favor of placing in the Constitution of Virginia a protection against eminent domain abuse, with 22 members of the Senate voting against the amendment.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Governor McDonnell’s Statement on Transportation Bill Passing Senate

Commonwealth of Virginia
Office of Governor Bob McDonnell

February 7, 2011

Contact: Jeff Caldwell
Phone: (804) 225-4260
E-mail: Jeff.Caldwell@Governor.Virginia.Gov

Governor McDonnell’s Statement on Transportation Bill Passing Senate
~34 to 6 Bipartisan Vote Supports Governor’s Transportation Plan~

RICHMOND– The Virginia Senate passed SB 1446 today 34-6 supporting Governor Bob McDonnell’s $4 billion plan to expand and maintain Virginia’s transportation system. The plan will provide for the greatest investment in transportation in the Commonwealth in a generation. Governor McDonnell issued the following statement after the Senate’s bipartisan vote of support.

“With each new vote in the General Assembly recognizing the merits of our transportation program, we are moving closer to jumpstarting needed transportation projects that will reduce congestion, create jobs and open additional parts of the Commonwealth to economic development while creating a rail operating and capital fund to ensure the continuation of Virginia's passenger rail system.

This fiscally conservative plan leverages our available resources and bonding authority to expedite the important transportation improvements we need. It also saves taxpayers money by capitalizing on some of the best interest rates and construction bids in modern history.

This measured, prudent and responsible plan has been supported by nearly 50 cities, transportation and business organizations and groups, and was approved by the House of Delegates on Friday. Today the Senate has voted in support of the plan. We look forward to final passage of the measure by the entire General Assembly. Working in a bipartisan manner we are going to get new roads, bridges and mass transit projects started immediately, and our entire Commonwealth will benefit.”

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Census data, hot off the press!

Spotsylvania County
Battlefield 17226
Berkeley 16437
Chancellor 16699
Courtland 14951
Lee Hill 20885
Livingston 17099
Salem 19100
Mean 17485

1st 99370
7th 23027

House of Delegates (In Spotsy)
54th 96,651
88th 17,775
97th 7,971

Total Pop
District 54 99,135
District 88 93,126
District 97 87,705

State Senate (In Spotsy)
4th 36,237
17th 86,160

District 4 209,635
District 17 232,435


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet Virginia Senate Candidate Bryce Reeves February 9!

You're Invitied!
Wednesday, February 9, 2011
10:00 AM
at the Reeves for Senate Headquarters

10054 Southpoint Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
HQ (540) 891-5473

Bring your friends, family and neighbors out to meet the man who humbly asks for your vote to serve us as the next 17th District Virginia State Senator!

Get to know Bryce Reeves:
Bryce Reeves is President of Bryce Reeves Insurance and Financial Services, Inc., a full service provider of insurance and financial products, where he holds advanced certifications in his profession. Bryce is also President of Reeves Asset Management Group, a commercial real estate development firm with holdings in Stafford County, Virginia.

Prior to being recognized for his talents as an independent business leader in the greater Fredericksburg region, Bryce proved his commitment to protecting our nation and our community with his recognized exceptional public service in the military and law enforcement.

Reeves proudly served our nation as a United States Army Ranger, our country’s oldest elite special operations force. Originally joining as an enlisted soldier, Bryce ultimately earned the rank of Captain. Along the way he was awarded the prestigious Enlisted Honor Graduate honor by the U.S. Army Airborne Paratrooper School located in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Inspired to help provide the best for community youth, Bryce worked to limit the diversions that can prevent youth from becoming the best they can be. His concern for their welfare overrode his apprehensions for his own personal safety when he accepted the inherent dangers of a profession in the Prince William County Police Vice/Narcotics Bureau as a front-line Detective.

Noted for his exemplary work on the Narcotics Squad, Reeves was asked to serve on a joint jurisdiction drug interdiction taskforce of Northern Virginia and Maryland. During that time, the 31t Judicial District Circuit Court certified him as an expert in the production, use and sale of illicit drugs. His investigations and his expertise led to over three hundred successful prosecutions for criminal acts involving drug distribution and sales, thereby protecting untold numbers of productive lives from suffering the scourges of a life dependent upon illegal drugs.

Recognizing his life benefits from a foundation steeped in traditional Judeo-Christian values, Bryce serves his community as a small group Bible study leader and deacon at Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg. Not content in only serving his local community, Reeves is also an International Mission Team Leader that helped to spread humanitarian aid and resources to the less fortunate in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and Jamaica. Bryce is also currently a member of the Spotsylvania Gideon’s Camp, a local Christian business organization that provides Scripture to more than 170 nations worldwide.

In February 2007 Bryce’s fellow Republicans recognized his leadership capabilities and honored him by electing him as the Chairman of the Spotsylvania County Republican Committee. Reeves set a high standard for himself to improve the County Committee’s ability to increase Republican voter turnout in Spotsylvania County and to raise the necessary resources to accomplish that goal.

Reeves successfully improved the effectiveness of the local party. He increased Republican turnout by transforming the committee into an effective grassroots organization capable of identifying, educating, motivating and turning out sufficient numbers of Republican voters on Election Day. Reeves also provided the County committee with its first operating budget by organizing a series of fundraising events. He accomplished both goals by applying the sound business principle of accountability, by setting benchmarks and by objectively measuring results. This process not only ensured victory for our candidates, but perhaps even more importantly, promoted our shared conservative values, morals, and principles throughout the community.

Bryce holds a Master of Public Administration in Public Policy from George Mason University. Texas A&M University awarded Bryce with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, a discipline focused on designing optimal manufacturing workspaces to maximize worker efficiency. Texas A&M also recognized his academic achievement with the coveted Distinguished Military Graduate award. Bryce completed the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Political Leaders Program, a special curriculum designed to prepare a select group of future Virginia leaders. He was chosen by his peers to serve as President of the Class and gave the keynote speech following the renowned political analyst, Larry Sabato. Bryce was also accepted and completed the Sorensen Candidate Training Program.

Recently, Bryce served as the regional chairman for Americans for Prosperity. Governor McDonnell has recognized Reeves leadership talents and commissioned him to serve on both the Governor’s Military Advisory Council and the College Building Authority. Reeves accepted both requests.

Bryce Reeves lives in Spotsylvania County, Virginia with his wife Anne and their two children, Nicole and Jack.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More School Board run amok

Anyone up for some changes there?



Chicks on the Right

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