Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet Virginia Senate Candidate Bryce Reeves February 9!

You're Invitied!
Wednesday, February 9, 2011
10:00 AM
at the Reeves for Senate Headquarters

10054 Southpoint Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
HQ (540) 891-5473

Bring your friends, family and neighbors out to meet the man who humbly asks for your vote to serve us as the next 17th District Virginia State Senator!

Get to know Bryce Reeves:
Bryce Reeves is President of Bryce Reeves Insurance and Financial Services, Inc., a full service provider of insurance and financial products, where he holds advanced certifications in his profession. Bryce is also President of Reeves Asset Management Group, a commercial real estate development firm with holdings in Stafford County, Virginia.

Prior to being recognized for his talents as an independent business leader in the greater Fredericksburg region, Bryce proved his commitment to protecting our nation and our community with his recognized exceptional public service in the military and law enforcement.

Reeves proudly served our nation as a United States Army Ranger, our country’s oldest elite special operations force. Originally joining as an enlisted soldier, Bryce ultimately earned the rank of Captain. Along the way he was awarded the prestigious Enlisted Honor Graduate honor by the U.S. Army Airborne Paratrooper School located in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Inspired to help provide the best for community youth, Bryce worked to limit the diversions that can prevent youth from becoming the best they can be. His concern for their welfare overrode his apprehensions for his own personal safety when he accepted the inherent dangers of a profession in the Prince William County Police Vice/Narcotics Bureau as a front-line Detective.

Noted for his exemplary work on the Narcotics Squad, Reeves was asked to serve on a joint jurisdiction drug interdiction taskforce of Northern Virginia and Maryland. During that time, the 31t Judicial District Circuit Court certified him as an expert in the production, use and sale of illicit drugs. His investigations and his expertise led to over three hundred successful prosecutions for criminal acts involving drug distribution and sales, thereby protecting untold numbers of productive lives from suffering the scourges of a life dependent upon illegal drugs.

Recognizing his life benefits from a foundation steeped in traditional Judeo-Christian values, Bryce serves his community as a small group Bible study leader and deacon at Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg. Not content in only serving his local community, Reeves is also an International Mission Team Leader that helped to spread humanitarian aid and resources to the less fortunate in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and Jamaica. Bryce is also currently a member of the Spotsylvania Gideon’s Camp, a local Christian business organization that provides Scripture to more than 170 nations worldwide.

In February 2007 Bryce’s fellow Republicans recognized his leadership capabilities and honored him by electing him as the Chairman of the Spotsylvania County Republican Committee. Reeves set a high standard for himself to improve the County Committee’s ability to increase Republican voter turnout in Spotsylvania County and to raise the necessary resources to accomplish that goal.

Reeves successfully improved the effectiveness of the local party. He increased Republican turnout by transforming the committee into an effective grassroots organization capable of identifying, educating, motivating and turning out sufficient numbers of Republican voters on Election Day. Reeves also provided the County committee with its first operating budget by organizing a series of fundraising events. He accomplished both goals by applying the sound business principle of accountability, by setting benchmarks and by objectively measuring results. This process not only ensured victory for our candidates, but perhaps even more importantly, promoted our shared conservative values, morals, and principles throughout the community.

Bryce holds a Master of Public Administration in Public Policy from George Mason University. Texas A&M University awarded Bryce with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, a discipline focused on designing optimal manufacturing workspaces to maximize worker efficiency. Texas A&M also recognized his academic achievement with the coveted Distinguished Military Graduate award. Bryce completed the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Political Leaders Program, a special curriculum designed to prepare a select group of future Virginia leaders. He was chosen by his peers to serve as President of the Class and gave the keynote speech following the renowned political analyst, Larry Sabato. Bryce was also accepted and completed the Sorensen Candidate Training Program.

Recently, Bryce served as the regional chairman for Americans for Prosperity. Governor McDonnell has recognized Reeves leadership talents and commissioned him to serve on both the Governor’s Military Advisory Council and the College Building Authority. Reeves accepted both requests.

Bryce Reeves lives in Spotsylvania County, Virginia with his wife Anne and their two children, Nicole and Jack.

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