Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm still in the 4th!

Much to my surprise, Edd Houck chose not to extend his district eastward, and thus I'm still in the 4th State Senate District under the Senate Democrats' map. Yes, I know, Janet Howell has her name on it, but I have always presumed Edd could draw whatever district he wanted (being as his was the most Republican district represented by a Dem) and the caucus would simply graft it onto whatever they were doing. Houck's precision was surgical. He took out any precinct he lost in 2007; held on to his best precincts in Culpeper, and stretched out to a piece of Albemarle. Yet he did not take a single Spotsylvanian from McDougle. For more on the Spotsy situation, see here. Cross-posted to VV and RWL

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