Monday, March 28, 2011

New district lines could come down tomorrow

If Tyler Whitely is to be believed (note to Tyler: that's just a rhetorical flourish, not an integrity question), "Virginia lawmakers could introduce redistricting plans for the House of Delegates, Virginia Senate and Congress as early as Tuesday" (Richmond Times-Dispatch).

This could - stress, could - mean that Edd Houck will unofficially swallow up the part of Spotsylvania County outside of his 17th State Senate District by this time tomorrow.

Now, as much as the rumors of a primary challenger to Houck would be fun to follow, I sincerely hope that I and as much of eastern Spotsy as possible can remain in the 4th District. It has been a real privilege to be served by Ryan McDougle, who among other things called the EPA to the carpet when it fudged stormwater data.

If I can stay in McDougle's district, I will be thrilled; if not, I wish him well.

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