Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Statement of Chairman Steve Thomas on Spotsylvania's proposed 2012 tax rate

"Spotsylvania taxpayers and businesses are hurting like never before. We have the lowest weekly wages in the region, as the FLS reported this week. We led Virginia in foreclosure rate during the Great Recession, and had 3500 unemployed or more for the past 3 years. And each of those years we also had our taxes hiked, as a spendthrift Democrat majority on the Board of Supervisors chose tax-and-spend over compassion for those who were hurting so badly.

It didn't work so well for the Democrats in Washington who tried that strategy. And now those Democrat Supervisors should share the electoral fate of their DC brethren.

Rolling back the 2010 tax hikes is a necessary first step in a comprehensive plan to create jobs, solidify homeowners and businesses and get our county back on a path to prosperity. After 35 years of tax hikes, it's time for some balance to our county's fiscal policy. It's time to stop the spending and start looking after the beleaguered homeowners and businesses of Spotsylvania.

It's time for a 3 cent tax cut- or to replace those spendthrift Democrat Supervisors who will not vote for one."

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