Friday, May 20, 2011

McDonnell by the numbers, 2010-present

#1- Top Pro-Business State in the Nation
#5- Virginia’s National Ranking in Wine Production
19- Shuttered Rest Stops Re-opened
70- New Speed Limit on Stretches of Virginia Highway
55,400- Net New Jobs Created in Virginia
59,000- Acres of Land Conserved
100,000- Additional Higher Education Degrees To be Awarded Over Next 15 Years
269,000- Potholes repaired in “Pothole Blitzes”
$1,400,000,000- Uncovered in Governor’s Audit of VDOT
$4,000,000,000- Largest Transportation Investment in a Generation
$6 Billion- Inherited Budget Shortfalls

And the Grand Finale:
0- Taxes Increased to Close Budget Shortfalls

Compare this with Spotsy by the numbers:

3 Tax hikes in the last 4 years and refused to lower taxes this year with a surplus
#1 in Virginia in foreclosure rate- and in the top 5 the last 3 years
#1 in the Fredericksburg region in Commercial vacancy rate
Lowest weekly wages in the Fredericksburg region
3500 unemployed, unchanged for 3 years

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know where the change is needed.

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