Monday, June 6, 2011

Cantor article on job creation

Cantor and the GOP: Restore growth, create jobs, compete with the world
Richmond Times-Dispatch
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the Republican from Virginia’s 7th District, was in town recently to discuss his colleagues’ proposals for restoring growth and creating jobs.
It’s a fairly simple plan, filled with proven solutions and a fundamental faith in the private sector – in the ability of people like you and me to make sound decisions about our finances and our families.
The House Republicans want to ease regulation, simplify the tax code to help American businesses compete with corporations overseas and pass stalled trade agreements that will open foreign markets to U.S. products. The plan also calls for a modernized patent system, visa reforms to encourage entrepreneurs and highly skilled graduates of U.S. schools to stay here, increased domestic energy production - and reduced federal debt.
That last item should be a natural result of the other proposals, if paired with federal spending restraint.
“You can’t get back to balance unless you grow the economy, and if you have growth you get people back to work,” said Cantor, whose wife, Diana, serves on the board of this newspaper’s parent company.
The plan is not novel, is not surprising and is radical only in the sense that it is so profoundly different from the policies pursued during the past few years. It is, essentially, a return to the fundamentals that improved American standards of living so immensely since 1982.
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