Monday, June 27, 2011

First GOP Endorsements on 2011 made

Spotsylvania Republican Committee endorses its first candidates of 2011
Salem Supervisor candidate Paul Trampe and Chancellor School Board candidate Dawn Shelley unanimously endorsed by the Committee

Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee today announced its first endorsements of independent candidates in the November, 2011 elections. The endorsements were unanimous and took place at the Committee’s monthly meeting on June 23, 2011.

Paul Trampe, an independent running for supervisor of the Salem district, and Dawn Shelley, an independent running for School Board in the Chancellor District, are the first candidates endorsed by the Committee in 2011. Other endorsements of independent candidates will take place at the Committee’s July 28, 2011 meeting at Salem Church Library. Party Nominations will take place at the Republican Mass Meeting at 10 am, July 9, 2011 at Snow Library.

“At the beginning of this year, I promised that the Spotsy GOP would not only support Republicans; we would also support conservative independents who wanted to work hard and make a difference in their community.”, said Chairman Steve Thomas. “Our party certainly does not have a monopoly on good ideas. And so, we wanted to endorse these two individuals about whom we felt very strongly that they are the correct choices in their respective districts”.

Thomas continued, “Paul Trampe is a hard-working straight arrow who is a Ph.D. economist. He knows how to get our local economy turned around right. He knows the difference between bad policy and good policy, and has the fortitude to fight for the good policy. He’s also a commuter who knows the struggles of commuters in Salem. He has already walked his district twice and outraised any candidate not running for countywide office in Spotsylvania. Compare this record to his opponent, who missed half his School Board meetings and failed to hold Jerry Hill accountable for any of the outrageous actions taken over the last year, and the choice is very clear.”

Paul Trampe added, "I'm honored to have the Republican Party endorsement and I will work hard to earn the trust they have placed in me."

The SCRC also endorsed Dawn Shelley for Chancellor School Board Thursday night. “Dawn Shelley is the kind of person everyone wants to see in public office. She’s not a professional politician- she’s a special ed teacher at Ni River Middle School, she has a BS and MS in education, she is a mother of two public school students, and she serves on Congressman Wittman’s Education Advisory Council. And she is extremely concerned about the total lack of accountability on the School Board at the moment. Dawn Shelley will bring the ratio of administrators to teachers back into balance. She is a hard working single mom who has seen the issues our school system faces from every angle, and she will make an ideal School Board member.”

Mrs. Shelley remarked, “I am very excited that the Spotsy GOP feels that I will serve the Spotsylvania students in a positive way and they have confidence in me. I will work hard to make sure the SCS students, teachers, and staff are treated with respect, and the citizens see a transparent school board in all that is done.”

Chairman Thomas concluded, “Everyone wants to see average citizens who are concerned about their community stand up and put themselves out there to run for office. Paul and Dawn are two of the very best, and we look forward to their public service for years to come”.
For more information, contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127,

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