Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spotsylvania Republican Committee reacts to the retirement of Superintendent Jerry Hill

Spotsylvania, VA. Steve Thomas, Chairman of the Spotsylvania Republican Committee, reacted to the retirement of Superintendent Jerry hill today.
“We are disappointed in Superintendent Hill and how he is ending his career in Spotsylvania”, Thomas said. “After being indicted earlier in his tenure, he decided to take an early retirement that will cost Spotsylvania taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and then spend even more on a self-congratulating pamphlet of accomplishments. To make matters worse, he committed a clear conflict of interest by trying to recruit members of his administration to run for School Board spots, including another ROP recipient. It is disappointing that one in charge of teaching others could stay here 10 years and yet not learn from his mistakes.”

Thomas continued, “To have Marty Wilder give another ill-conceived defense of Hill’s actions is equally perplexing, though not surprising: in fact, Mr. Wilder spent Election Day 2007 (when he was on the ballot in Chancellor) smearing Eric Martin in Salem precincts on behalf of Don Holmes. It is disappointing that, after all this time, neither Wilder nor Hill ‘gets it’. The citizens of Spotsylvania do not want their School Board members to be the Superintendent’s ‘bosom buddies’. They want serious, adult supervision of the Superintendent and accountability of the School system and its leadership. If the current School Board is unwilling or unable to do this, they will be replaced with stouter candidates who will.”

For more information, contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127, sgt1997@gmail.com

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