Monday, July 11, 2011

Spotsylvania Republican Committee nominates three candidates for 2011


Nearly 100 turn out on a Saturday morning to nominate three for county posts


Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee today announced the results of its July 9, 2011 Mass Meeting to determine its official nominations for the November 8, 2011 elections.

“That almost 100 people should come in on a Saturday morning to participate in our Mass Meeting does show the interest in conservative politics in the County”, noted Spotsylvania Republican Committee Chairman Steve Thomas. “The need to create an environment for job creation here is paramount to stem the tide of foreclosures and plant closings, and that will drive our slate in the elections in November”.

Al King won the Republican nomination for Commissioner of the Revenue. Mr. King, an accomplished appraiser who has written four books on the topic, is embarking on his second countywide run. Mr. King commented, “It was gratifying that my campaign message was warmly received: ‘Is your house overvalued? Hire a professional appraiser to do a professional job”.

Jerry Logan won the Republican nomination for Courtland Supervisor. Mr. Logan, who has had a longer tenure than any other Republican on the Board, remains as yet uncontested in the general election as well. Mr. Logan commented, “I am thrilled to have received the nomination and feel privileged to run as a Republican for the Courtland District”.

Ann Heidig received the Republican nomination for Supervisor of the Livingston District. Mrs. Heidig, who founded Lake Anna Winery and served on the Tourism Subgroup of the Governor’s Commission on Economic Development and Jobs Creation, commented, “I was pleased with the outcome, I was humbled by the confidence that the party has shown in me. I believe it is important to have a candidate who has the kind of experience that I have, and who can speak with authority on economic development, job creation, property rights, and agricultural issues.”

Chairman Thomas concluded, “When added to our endorsed independents, these three fine individuals will represent conservatives well in the Fall. Our laser-focus on job creation and tax relief will be the remedy to the county’s woes, and will make Spotsylvania a leader into the next decade instead of being a follower”.

The Spotsylvania Republican Committee will decide on the remainder of its endorsements of independent candidates at its regular monthly meeting, July 28, 7 pm at Salem Church Library.

For more information, contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127,

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