Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spotsylvania Republican Committee endorses three candidates for 2011


Committee fills out slate by endorsing Roger Harris for Sheriff, Tim McLaughlin for Chancellor Supervisor, and Kirk Twigg for Livingston School Board


Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee made endorsements for Sheriff, Chancellor Supervisor, and Livingston School Board today as a total of six candidates made their pitches before a packed house at the Spotsy GOP July Monthly meeting at Salem Church Library.

“I would like to thank the six outstanding candidates who came to seek our endorsement today”, remarked Chairman Steve Thomas. “They all spoke well in their defense, and deserve great credit for doing so. We appreciate each and every one of them.”

The independent candidates endorsed will join two other endorsees, Paul Trampe for Salem Supervisor and Dawn Shelley for Chancellor School Board, as well as three nominees: Al King for Commissioner of Revenue, Jerry Logan for Courtland Supervisor, and Ann Heidig for Livingston Supervisor.

“Out of a slate of eight candidates for county races thus far, five are endorsed independents. That speaks to our party’s reaching out to others to help us affect needed changes in Spotsylvania”, said Thomas. “Jobs and taxes will be a major focus for us, and now we have a slate of supervisor candidates consisting of three small business owners and one PhD economist. Our Commissioner of Revenue nominee is a living legend in the field of appraisals and can correct some issues with regard to commercial appraisals. These individuals know how to create jobs, and their honesty and conservative philosophies will make them great public servants for these troubled times”.

Roger Harris edged Mike Timm for the Committee endorsement for Sheriff. “Thank you to the Spotsylvania Republican Committee for endorsing me for Sheriff of Spotsylvania County”, remarked Harris. “Thank you for helping me to become a sheriff for all the people as I strive to receive as many endorsements as possible.”

Tim McLaughlin, a retired Marine and businessman, received the endorsement to run against independent Democrat Hap Connors in the Fall. “Tim McLaughlin is a GREAT fit for Chancellor: Smart, tough, hardworking, conservative, a business owner, a family man, and a Marine. He also commutes north to the Navy Yard, so he knows the troubles commuters face. He won’t let Hap Connors run from his broken record of tax hikes and job losses, and he will make a terrific supervisor.”

McLaughlin commented: "We need high tech and manufacturing jobs in this county. We must be innovative and think outside the box when it comes to creating jobs. We must aggressively pursue job creation opportunities. Taxes kill jobs and growth, especially during a recession, so why does the Board of Supervisor continue to do so? Raising taxes should be the last resort, not the first answer- we have to look for efficiency and reduce government waste within the county at all times. We must lower commercial business taxes, fees, and make Spotsylvania a business friendly community. “

The SCRC also endorsed Committee member Kirk Twigg for Livingston Supervisor, edging out fellow Committee members Dave Brennan and Ray Lora. “I have tremendous respect for all three men, but in these times where great change is needed on the Spotsylvania School Board, the Committee endorsed Kirk Twigg as the man to bring that conservative change”.

Mr. Twigg remarked, “My campaign is honored to accept the Endorsement of the Spotsylvania Republican Committee [SRC] with a majority vote over the two-term Incumbent seeking re-election. This emphatic endorsement by the SRC affirms that our staunch Conservative values align. Further, I pledge much needed leadership and fiscally responsible business solutions to the parents/taxpayers of Livingston District next year, and welcome support of all who share these values”.

Chairman Thomas concluded, “We now have one of the most qualified and personable slates of candidates for these times. When we are facing problems with jobs, foreclosures, conflicts of interest, assessments, and crime, we feel we have a superior slate of candidates to lead Spotsylvania past these problems with Conservative solutions. We look forward to a spirited campaign and to welcoming new majorities to the Board of Supervisors and the School Board in the Fall”.

For more information, contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127,

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