Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live in Roanoke, VA? Help Senator Edd Houck's Friends Kill a Baby Today Say His Supporters

As Senator Edd Houck's 28-year reign of higher taxation and reduction in freedom comes to a close, Houck's funders, handlers and PAC friends see his race as one they must win to keep their hands in our pockets, and to keep on killing baby humans for money.

Most notibly harmful to ACTUAL women's health, especially African American women, is the nation's largest for-profit abortion chain, Planned Parenthood. In a recent of at least three email pleas of late, Planned Parenthood is organizing a phone bank to help ole Edd Houck out.

They admit it freely in their email below;  Edd Houck chairs the committee where Basic Human Rights "go to die."

Since they couldn't find many people in his own district who like the idea of using dead baby fees for personal gain and political influence, they're outsourcing the work to volunteers in Roanoke!

Disgusted? You SHOULD BE. Edd Houck and his liberal friends across Virginia stand for everything a decent family should be against including redistributing your neighbors' wealth, killing babies in the womb, not notifying a parent when a child decides to have an abortion and asks a school employee to sign papers as a guardian, raising taxes during surplus years, and crying wolf about being attacked by bloggers and CONSTITUENTS when his destructive agenda is exposed for what it really is!

Edd WILL attack his opponent with false and incendiary rhetoric in the near future, be on the lookout for his barrage of mail in your box.

He will no doubt mischaracterize this post and the many dozens others like it across the Internet by people who are fed up with his lack of leadership and failed policies, as "attacks" on him by "radical right wing conspirators" as he has in every past election he's run.

But facts are facts: Edd Houck makes the rules that kill our children and allows potential laws that protect them to "die" in committee as easily as the potential citizens are sentenced to die in their mother's womb by the corporations Edd protects and gets cash from.

Have you had enough of Edd yet?
Dear Friends of Abortion Rights for Teens,

During the 2011 General Assembly session, Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights were attacked repeatedly. You took action via our action alerts, made the phone calls, talked to your legislators, and wrote letters to the editor. In short, you gave us your all to help defeat these extreme attacks.

This November, all 140 members of the General Assembly are up for re-election. While the House of Delegates has an anti-choice majority, our saving grace in protecting your rights has been the Virginia Senate-namely the Senate Education and Health Committee. All anti-choice legislation has, for years, gone to this key committee to die. Yet, the results of this November’s election could significantly change the make-up of this committee and the number of detrimental bills that make it through the General Assembly, bills like TRAP.

We have a chance to fight back against the extreme agenda that women face in accessing reproductive health care in the Commonwealth. We have a chance to say NO, this is not the type of government we want or need. But to do so, we need your help.


Between now and November 8, we will show the power of Planned Parenthood in helping to re-elect state Senator Edd Houck. Senator Houck has a 28-year voting record that demonstrates his commitment to reproductive health and rights. Due to his dedication, he is a top Republican target and faces a tough re-election. We need YOUR HELP to show the POWER OF PINK and to help re-elect Sen. Houck!

Below, you can click the RSVP link to sign up for all of our upcoming phonebanks to help re-elect Sen. Houck. All phonebanks will be at 2207 Peters Creek in Roanoke. Sign up for one or two a week, bring a friend, and help us protect women’s health. A few hours of your time will make a huge impact!

Wednesday, September 7th 5:30-8pm
Thursday, September 8th 5:30-8pm
Tuesday, September 13th 5:30-8pm

Wednesday, September 14th 5:30-8pm

Tuesday, September 20th 5:30-8pm
Wednesday, September 21st 5:30-8pm

Tuesday, September 27th 5:30-8pm
Tuesday, October 4th 5:30-8pm
Wednesday, October 5th 5:30-8pm
Tuesday, October 11th 5:30-8pm
Tuesday, October 18th 5:30-8pm
Wednesday, October 19th 5:30-8pm

There are a lot of phonebanks therefore a LOT of shifts to fill! Help us Save the Senate and RSVP now! Also, join us for a volunteer training / orientation on Tuesday, August 30th at 5:30-7pm at 2207 Peters Creek in Roanoke to get the details of this exciting and challenging effort to Save the Senate! Email Tanya at to attend!

Tanya Semones
Field Coordinator
Planned Parenthood Health Systems Action Fund
540-562-3457 x7046

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spotsy GOP Money Bomb!

We are very proud of our slate of candidates this year, and want to make sure we have the resources to support them this year! For the remainder of this week, we are having a Spotsy GOP Money Bomb to raise money for the Committee! We are looking for a $2,000 week- if you can donate $20 online at or send a check made to the Spotsylvania Republican Committee to the address at the bottom of this email, you can make sure we can have the resources we need to elect conservatives in Spotsylvania!

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Attention: Military and Commuters

We want to make sure that all those in the military and commuters who may face traffic concerns can vote in this year's elections! If you or your family members fall into these categories, or are physically unable to get to the polling place on election day, email me ( to get an Absentee ballot application mailed to you asap. It's important to not wait, the sooner you get your application in, the sooner you can make sure to have your vote counted by election day!


The Rundown: Your 2011 Spotsylvania Elections slate

Virginia Senate:

4th District (Eastern Spotsy): Ryan McDougle
17th District (City of F'berg, Central and Western Spotsy): Bryce Reeves
28th District (Northwestern Spotsy): Richard Stuart

House of Delegates:

54th District (Lee Hill, Massaponax, Salem, Courthouse, Brock): Bobby Orrock
55th District (Southern and Southeastern Spotsy): John Cox
56th District (Belmont, part of Brokenburg): Bill Janis
88th District (Northern Spotsy): Mark Cole

Constitutional Officers:

Sheriff: Roger Harris
Commissioner of the Revenue: Al King


Chancellor: Tim McLaughlin
Courtland: Jerry Logan
Livingston: Ann Heidig
Salem: Paul Trampe

School Board:

Chancellor: Dawn Shelley
Livingston: Kirk Twigg

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Memo to Hap Connors:

Tax hikes are not good for economic growth after all!

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