Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lt. Gov. Bolling endorses Spotsylvania Republican Slate

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Lt. Gov. Bolling endorses Spotsylvania Republican Slate

King, Heidig, Logan, McLaughlin, and Trampe endorsed by Virginia’s chief Jobs Creation Officer


Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee today announced that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, Chief Jobs Creation officer for Virginia, has endorsed Al King, Republican nominee for Commissioner of Revenue; Ann Heidig, Republican nominee for Livingston supervisor; Jerry Logan, Republican nominee for Courtland supervisor; Tim McLaughlin, Republican endorsee for Chancellor supervisor; and Paul Trampe, Republican endorsee for Salem supervisor.

"As Chief Jobs Creation Officer for Virginia, I focused on creating an environment in Virginia that will provide more jobs and economic opportunity for our businesses and families,” said Lt. Gov. Bolling. “As someone who comes from the private sector and who was once a county Supervisor, I know how important that experience is to creating jobs. The slate of candidates in Spotsylvania- Jerry Logan, Tim McLaughlin, Ann Heidig, Paul Trampe, and Al King- have that critical private sector experience needed to balance budgets and create jobs. They will do an outstanding job in those tough roles and I endorse them for office in Spotsylvania."

Bolling carried every precinct in Spotsylvania in 2009, securing the votes of more than 2/3 of the county’s voters.

“To carry the support of the Commonwealth’s Chief Jobs Creation Officer is special for our candidates”, said Spotsylvania GOP Chairman Steve Thomas. “Right now, economic development is the name of the game. Mr. Bolling is leading the charge for our Commonwealth on that front, and knows good job creators when he sees them. That he endorsed four small businesspeople and a Ph.D. economist is no accident- these people know how to get our local economy moving again”.

Thomas concluded, “We have heard a lot of unsubstantiated claims of job creation by other candidates this cycle, particularly by Hap Connors in Chancellor. He cannot prove those claims. But when the Chief Jobs Creation Officer of the state weighs in on behalf of these five terrific individuals, you can be sure they will guide our county forward with wisdom, energy and focus.”

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