Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Majority Leader Cantor endorses Spotsylvania Republican Slate

Contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127
King, Heidig, Logan, McLaughlin, and Trampe endorsed by House Majority Leader

Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee today announced that Eric Cantor, Congressman for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, has endorsed Al King, Republican nominee for Commissioner of Revenue; Ann Heidig, Republican nominee for Livingston supervisor; Jerry Logan, Republican nominee for Courtland supervisor; Tim McLaughlin, Republican endorsee for Chancellor supervisor; and Paul Trampe, Republican endorsee for Salem supervisor.

"Many of the decisions our local leaders make are extremely important to our communities. The Republican slate of candidates- Jerry Logan, Ann Heidig, Tim McLaughlin, Paul Trampe, and Al King- have valuable private sector experience that will provide a refreshing perspective on government. They know how to create jobs and how to balance a budget. They also know the importance of not raising taxes during a recession. For this reason I endorse them in their respective races for Board of Supervisors in Spotsylvania."

Cantor also endorsed Dawn Shelley, candidate for School Board in Chancellor, and Kirk Twigg, candidate for School Board in Livingston.

"Providing a quality education is critical to the future of our nation. We must have strong leaders at the local level who understand we must empower our teachers and get bureaucrats out of the way. Dawn Shelley and Kirk Twigg understand this, and I endorse them for Spotsylvania School Board".

Cantor carried every precinct in the 7th District within Spotsylvania in 2010, securing the votes of more than 70% of the county’s voters.

“Eric Cantor fights for us every day amidst the craziness of DC”, said Spotsylvania GOP Chairman Steve Thomas. “He fights for jobs. He fights for low taxes. He fights needless regulation and bureaucracy. He gets it. And the slate of candidates he endorsed will fight for those things every single day. ”.

Thomas concluded, “There are a lot of candidates falsely claiming to be conservatives in this election. Don’t be fooled. We need to elect a slate of conservatives- and this is it.”

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