Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spotsy GOP statement on "Committee of 500" endorsements

"The past four years of President Obama have taught us one thing: Elections have consequences. The policies enacted by supervisors today directly impact jobs, taxes, property rights and a host of other issues so important to all of us in our daily lives. We are dismayed at the misguided priorities of the C-5s in their endorsements. Aside from their customary token Republican, their slate has not created one net new job in the county; not stood up for private property rights; and collectively raised taxes five times in the last four years. Their slate shows an ideological emphasis on bigger government and higher taxes, which President Obama has shown to be ineffective at best during these times.

Consider the plight of Chancellor district voters who have had to suffer four years of voter's regret. Would they have reelected Hap Connors if they knew his record would include:
--three tax hikes and the creation of a whole new gas tax (Board of Supervisors minutes)
--endorsing and helping elect Barack Obama (FLS)
--a net loss of more than 300 jobs in the county (VEDP)
--more home foreclosures per capita than any other locality in Virginia during the Great Recession (FLS,
--the highest commercial vacancy rate in the entire Rappahannock region (FLS,; and the lowest wages in the region (FLS,

Had they known then what we all know now, they would almost certainly have selected someone with the private sector experience necessary to lower taxes and regulations and create jobs.

The fact that the C-5s ignored candidates with private sector experience in favor of career politicians like Connors shows why most candidates declined their forum, forcing its cancellation. They who emphasize high taxes and few jobs in this environment are consigned to irrelevance, which is what has become of this once proud group."

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