Friday, September 9, 2011

Spotsy GOP statement on irregularities in Chancellor Supervisor race

This week, two happenings in the Chancellor Supervisor race caused us great concern in that race.

The first is that it appears someone in Democrat Hap Connors' campaign has stolen the signage of Independent candidate Tim McLaughlin. $120 of signs on private property were literally ripped from their moorings during early Tuesday morning of this week. The suspect- caught on security camera- was driving a black pickup truck with silver utility boxes and the incident has been reported to the sheriff.

The second is someone from Hap Connors' campaign telling people at their doors that McLaughlin, a retired Lt. Col. in the Marines, is only running for the seat for the money and that he intends to raise taxes, despite numerous mentions to cut taxes in every piece of literature his campaign has produced. This claim by Connors' campaign is flat out untrue, immediately disprovable and reflects directly on the candidate himself.

These Alinskyite tactics cannot continue. This is the kind of stuff that turns people off to politics, and shame on career politician Hap Connors for allowing his campaign to participate in them.

For Connors- who has never served his country in the military and who raised taxes himself seven times since he took office- to allow these activities in his name is unacceptable. We call on Hap Connors to correct the actions of his surrogates and renounce these activities immediately, and to issue a public apology to McLaughlin. If he does not, we will know that his campaign finds it acceptable to participate in larceny and slander.

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