Monday, October 31, 2011

Spotsylvania GOP responds to unauthorized use of its logo by Chancellor Supervisor Hap Connors

Contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127

Spotsylvania Republican Committee demands end of usage of logo
Demands Chancellor Supervisor Henry “Hap” Connors cease and desist


Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee today demanded that Henry “Hap” Connors cease and desist all unauthorized usage of the Republican elephant logo in any online presence or mailers.

“Hap Connors is not a Republican. He is not supported by the Republican Party. He is a liberal Democrat, and we demand he immediately cease and desist any and all usage of our logo in any campaign materials,” stated Spotsylvania Republican Chairman Steven Thomas.

“Usage of our logo is proprietary and restricted to Republican candidates and our endorsees. We are actively working to defeat Hap Connors and remove him from office. His use of our logo is inappropriate, confusing and illegal and we demand he immediately stop any and all usage of it. His claiming to be able to use our logo because he has the support of someone who has not been a Republican since the Reagan Administration (and who doesn’t live in the district) is like demanding to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom because you knew Gerald Ford. It’s preposterous.”

“Further, we recommend that the voters of the Chancellor district elect a conservative to the office of Supervisor. Though Tim McLaughlin is an independent, he is a down-the-line conservative and has earned our support. Whereas Hap Connors has hiked taxes nearly every year he has been in office, Tim McLaughlin will cut them. Hap Connors has sought to trample on property rights in nearly every county project; Tim McLaughlin will protect property rights.”

Chairman Thomas concluded, “This is the sort of sneaky, dishonest thing a career politician like Hap Connors would do. Career politicians like Hap are the reason why we should elect more non-politicians to office. As a retired Marine, Tim McLaughlin lives by a Code of Honor. That Code will serve the citizens of Chancellor well over the next four years.”

Several recent former Chairmen of the local GOP felt compelled to weigh in as well.
Former Chairman Robert Stuber added, "Yes sir, Hap Connors IS the go to guy if you are a millionaire developer counting on hard working taxpayers to subsidize your own plans to make millions more."

Former Chairman Russ Moulton commented, “Hap Connors is trying to hide his big tax and spend record by claiming the “bi-partisan” support of a developer. Chancellor voters won’t be fooled. Tim McLaughlin is the clear choice for Republicans, Independents and conservative Democrats alike.”

Former Chairman Shaun Kenney concluded, "Liberal cheerleader Hap Connors has always found it easy to take a conservative's hard work and claim it as his own. Chancellor District voters deserve a supervisor who champions their values, and Tim McLaughlin is precisely that sort of leader for these tough economic times."

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Chairman Steve Thomas' response to Hap Connors' charges

"While I am flattered that Hap Connors and his supporters are taking their time to go after me- instead of Hap's opponent, Tim McLaughlin- I must take issue with their accusations of 'personal attacks' supposedly levelled against Mr. Connors.

The problem is, there haven't been any.

The Spotsylvania Republicans do disagree vigorously with Hap Connors, but we disagree with him on matters of record and policy. We disagree with him about his 7 tax hike votes in 8 years. We disagree with his violations of personal property rights. We disagree with his continued support of Barack Obama. As Americans, we have a right to disagree with our leaders- and with our local economy in as poor a shape as it is, no incumbent should get a free ride. These are matters of record, and should be matters of debate in a campaign season. And I challenge Hap Connors to come up with proof of even one personal attack against him by myself or Tim McLaughlin.

Perhaps Hap and his supporters are confused as to what constitutes a 'personal attack'. When Hap called me a 'skunk' on August 9, that was a personal attack. I laughed it off, because Mr. Connors has a long track record of these kind of unfortunate name-calling personal attacks against Republicans and people he disagrees with, mostly because he doesn't want to defend his record.

My observation is that when a politician takes himself too seriously, it's usually time for him to go.

That is our recommendation in the case of Mr. Connors."


Monday, October 10, 2011

Big candidate events coming up

Here's the rundown:

Down on the Farm with Bobby Orrock
with Speaker Howell, Del. Cole, Del. Cox, Bryce Reeves

Saturday, October 22
5:30 pm BBQ
Medway Farm
12387 Nancy Wright's Dr.
Woodford, VA

Redskins Watching/Meet and Greet
for Livingston Supervisor Candidate Ann Heidig

Sunday, October 23
1:00 pm
Thomas residence
9506 Logan Heights Circle
Spotsylvania, VA 22551

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cole, Farrell back Spotsy candidates

Contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127

Delegates make endorsements in Spotsylvania races


Spotsylvania, VA. Delegate Mark Cole (R-88th), and Delegate-to-be Peter Farrell (R-56th) made select endorsements in Spotsylvania GOP races today.

Cole endorsed Tim McLaughlin for Chancellor Supervisor. "The one thing we have learned during the last decade is how important it is to elect people of character who share our conservative views. Tim McLaughlin is one of those conservatives. Like me, he is a military veteran, someone who knows what it means to serve and live by a code of honor. He is a small government, low tax conservative who will use his experience as a small business owner to bring jobs back to Spotsylvania. He is pro-life and supports the 2nd Amendment; he will take a stand to defend your rights. He is a straightforward, honest conservative, that I am proud to endorse for Chancellor Supervisor".

Cole also endorsed Ann Heidig for Livingston Supervisor, Paul Trampe for Salem Supervisor, Al King for Commissioner of the Revenue, Dawn Shelley for Chancellor School Board, and Kirk Twigg for Livingston School Board.

Cole has several precincts in Spotsylvania due to the recent redistricting, including three of the four Chancellor precincts, all three Courtland precincts, and parts of Battlefield as well. He was unopposed in 2009 and has been delegate since 2001, having formerly been a supervisor in Spotsylvania.

Peter Farrell, Republican nominee for delegate in the 56th House district covering southwestern Spotsylvania, also endorsed several Spotsylvania candidates today.

“As a small businessman, I encounter every day the difficulties that government places in the way of job creation- increased taxes and burdensome regulations. The Spotsylvania GOP slate of candidates- Al King, Ann Heidig, Jerry Logan, Tim McLaughlin, and Paul Trampe- also know these obstacles to job creation. They have thought deeply about how to reduce these obstacles, how to create a business friendly environment for all businesses. These leaders are exactly what is needed for these times, and I endorse them for office in Spotsylvania County."

Farrell also endorsed Kirk Twigg for School Board in Livingston. Both of Farrell’s Spotsylvania precincts are in Livingston.

“Good schools require leaders with courage and character, leaders who understand the unique needs kids have. Kirk Twigg understands in a way only a father of a special needs child can, and I endorse him for Livingston School Board.”

Cole and Farrell are both running unopposed this year.

“Mark Cole and (soon) Peter Farrell are the direct representatives of our county in Richmond. They lead the fight to create a good business environment by lowering taxes and regulations that harm job creation”, said Spotsylvania GOP Chairman Steve Thomas. “That they should endorse several Spotsy GOP candidates is indicative of their recognition that Spotsylvania needs to lower taxes and regulation as well. Our candidates are honored by their endorsement. ”

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