Friday, October 21, 2011

Chairman Steve Thomas' response to Hap Connors' charges

"While I am flattered that Hap Connors and his supporters are taking their time to go after me- instead of Hap's opponent, Tim McLaughlin- I must take issue with their accusations of 'personal attacks' supposedly levelled against Mr. Connors.

The problem is, there haven't been any.

The Spotsylvania Republicans do disagree vigorously with Hap Connors, but we disagree with him on matters of record and policy. We disagree with him about his 7 tax hike votes in 8 years. We disagree with his violations of personal property rights. We disagree with his continued support of Barack Obama. As Americans, we have a right to disagree with our leaders- and with our local economy in as poor a shape as it is, no incumbent should get a free ride. These are matters of record, and should be matters of debate in a campaign season. And I challenge Hap Connors to come up with proof of even one personal attack against him by myself or Tim McLaughlin.

Perhaps Hap and his supporters are confused as to what constitutes a 'personal attack'. When Hap called me a 'skunk' on August 9, that was a personal attack. I laughed it off, because Mr. Connors has a long track record of these kind of unfortunate name-calling personal attacks against Republicans and people he disagrees with, mostly because he doesn't want to defend his record.

My observation is that when a politician takes himself too seriously, it's usually time for him to go.

That is our recommendation in the case of Mr. Connors."



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