Monday, October 31, 2011

Spotsylvania GOP responds to unauthorized use of its logo by Chancellor Supervisor Hap Connors

Contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127

Spotsylvania Republican Committee demands end of usage of logo
Demands Chancellor Supervisor Henry “Hap” Connors cease and desist


Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee today demanded that Henry “Hap” Connors cease and desist all unauthorized usage of the Republican elephant logo in any online presence or mailers.

“Hap Connors is not a Republican. He is not supported by the Republican Party. He is a liberal Democrat, and we demand he immediately cease and desist any and all usage of our logo in any campaign materials,” stated Spotsylvania Republican Chairman Steven Thomas.

“Usage of our logo is proprietary and restricted to Republican candidates and our endorsees. We are actively working to defeat Hap Connors and remove him from office. His use of our logo is inappropriate, confusing and illegal and we demand he immediately stop any and all usage of it. His claiming to be able to use our logo because he has the support of someone who has not been a Republican since the Reagan Administration (and who doesn’t live in the district) is like demanding to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom because you knew Gerald Ford. It’s preposterous.”

“Further, we recommend that the voters of the Chancellor district elect a conservative to the office of Supervisor. Though Tim McLaughlin is an independent, he is a down-the-line conservative and has earned our support. Whereas Hap Connors has hiked taxes nearly every year he has been in office, Tim McLaughlin will cut them. Hap Connors has sought to trample on property rights in nearly every county project; Tim McLaughlin will protect property rights.”

Chairman Thomas concluded, “This is the sort of sneaky, dishonest thing a career politician like Hap Connors would do. Career politicians like Hap are the reason why we should elect more non-politicians to office. As a retired Marine, Tim McLaughlin lives by a Code of Honor. That Code will serve the citizens of Chancellor well over the next four years.”

Several recent former Chairmen of the local GOP felt compelled to weigh in as well.
Former Chairman Robert Stuber added, "Yes sir, Hap Connors IS the go to guy if you are a millionaire developer counting on hard working taxpayers to subsidize your own plans to make millions more."

Former Chairman Russ Moulton commented, “Hap Connors is trying to hide his big tax and spend record by claiming the “bi-partisan” support of a developer. Chancellor voters won’t be fooled. Tim McLaughlin is the clear choice for Republicans, Independents and conservative Democrats alike.”

Former Chairman Shaun Kenney concluded, "Liberal cheerleader Hap Connors has always found it easy to take a conservative's hard work and claim it as his own. Chancellor District voters deserve a supervisor who champions their values, and Tim McLaughlin is precisely that sort of leader for these tough economic times."

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