Monday, November 14, 2011

Conservatives gain in Spotsylvania

Press Release
Conservatives gain in Spotsylvania

Tuesday, Spotsylvania voters voted for change to a more conservative direction by electing Ann Heidig as Livingston Supervisor and Paul Trampe as Salem Supervisor.
As of now, Conservative Independent Tim McLaughlin leads Hap Connors by 26 votes for Chancellor Supervisor, and Conservative Independent Dave Ross leads Republican Jerry Logan by 60 votes for Courtland Supervisor.

“Clearly, even with recounts pending, the people of Spotsylvania wanted a change from the same old tax-and-spend Board we’ve had lately”, remarked Spotsylvania GOP Chairman Steve Thomas. “The conversation of ‘how much will we raise taxes by this year’ is over. The conversation of ‘how much will we cut taxes’ has begun.”
Bryce Reeves also leads Democrat Edd Houck by 86 votes in the 17th District Senate race, pending another recount.

“We said all along that defeating Edd Houck was a top priority for us, and it appears we have done so,” Thomas continued. “We are confident that as we go through the recount process that Bryce Reeves will be the next Senator from the 17th District.”

In addition, Republican endorsee Roger Harris won the Sheriff’s race, while Chancellor School Board endorsee Dawn Shelley won her race. Livingston School Board endorsee Kirk Twigg trails in his race by 20 votes out of more than 4500 cast, while Al King was defeated by Debbie Williams for Commissioner of the Revenue.

“We congratulate Roger Harris and Dawn Shelley on their impressive wins and look forward to working with them into the future. We also congratulate Al King and Kirk Twigg on well-run races, with a recount pending for Twigg.” Both Twigg and King lost to previous Republican endorsees, Ray Lora and Debbie Williams.

“We will work within the system to sort out all recounts, but the Free Lance Star Editorial Board and the Committee of 500 should note the extent of their losses. People do not have the time nor patience for their partisan leftism, and Spotsylvania has chosen a new direction.”

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