Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spotsy GOP calls on Hap Connors to call off recount

Contact: Steven Thomas, 703-819-0127
Spotsy GOP calls on Hap Connors to call off recount
All votes have already been counted twice


Spotsylvania, VA. The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee today called on Chancellor Supervisor Hap Connors to call off his planned recount of this year’s election results.

“It is always difficult for a professional politician to lose an election”, stated Spotsylvania GOP Chairman Steve Thomas. “But Supervisor Connors lost by more than 0.5%. It was close, but outside the margin for error- meaning the candidate himself will have to foot the bill for the recount.”

Thomas continued, “Hap Connors has been telling people he wants to make sure every vote is counted. If he really cared about that, he would have showed up at the canvass of votes the day after the election, where more than 50 pair of eyes- including lawyers for both Democrats and Republicans- closely examined every single vote from every single machine from every single precinct. While we found two errors in the county, neither was in this race. The fact that Connors did not even bother to show up for that recount makes his Al Gore impression ring hollow.”

Thomas concluded, “Connors should follow the classy example of Edd Houck and Kirk Twigg, both of whom lost by a smaller percentage margin than Connors did, and both of whom gave up their demand for a recount. They did this even though the county would have had to pay for the recounts in their races because they were so close. The Chancellor Supervisor race is not as close- it is settled. There is no chance- ZERO- that the numbers will change even a little. We call on Hap Connors to graciously concede to Supervisor-elect McLaughlin and let the county get on with its business.”

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