Monday, November 14, 2011

Spotsylvania GOP condemns Board spending

Friday, Spotsylvania GOP Chair Steve Thomas condemned the spending action by the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors, taken just a few short days after it became clear that four new supervisors would take their seats in six weeks.

The Supervisors voted against staff recommendation to spend over $5.5 million on new hires, spending most of the county’s $9 million surplus.

Spotsylvania Republican Committee Chairman Steve Thomas said, “The voters just voted for change not three days earlier, and this lame duck Board just couldn’t wait to get back to spending. We ask they cease any and all of these unethical expenditures until the new Board is sworn in December 20.

“For those who are leaving the Board, their political careers are over. But the three Supervisors up for re-election in two years will be held fully accountable for this outrage. In addition, they are setting a terrible precedent in establishing relationships with their new colleagues- choosing bitter partisan sour grapes over a possible fresh start.”

“By Virginia law, no Board of Supervisors may bind the hands of a future Board. That rule goes back centuries to a time when local governments were looked at as being corrupt and incompetent. We ask the current Board of Supervisors not to take us back to those times and set a good example to the community by delaying these types of decisions, especially expenditures, until the new Board is seated.”

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