Thursday, January 26, 2012

Senator Reeves' update from session

Dear Friends,

It has been another exciting week here in the General Assembly, and I am happy to update you more on our current legislation, especially, with three of my bills reaching the Senate floor just this week.

SB 253, passed its second reading uncontested, today. This bill requires the Soil and Water Conservation Board to consult with the Department of Emergency Management in implementing dam safety programs. This issue is important to me and my constituents with regards to many areas including, Fawn Lake, and Lake of the Woods. Without any contention, this bill will pass the Senate tomorrow.

A bill near and dear to my heart, SB 433, allows the Department of Veteran Services to request and receive the names and information of unclaimed remains from funeral directors to determine if they belong to veterans. The purpose of this bill is to give unclaimed veterans honorable burials for their sacrifice to our country. This is a bi-partisan bill, which I am Chief Co-Patroning with Senator Toddy Puller, with an additional 39 sponsors from the House and Senate. This bill had its first uncontested reading on the floor of the Senate today.

As a police office I have seen many ‘knuckleheads’ get in trouble with theft where it has resulted in felony charges, hindering their ability to get jobs and go to school. I believe these young teenagers deserve a second chance to make amends for their actions. Because of this, I submitted SB 71, allowing first time offenders of grand larceny to have the ability to pay full restitution and complete community service to relieve the charges. With help from my fellow Senators, I am working hard to make sure this bill passes. I hope to be able to update you more on the progression of the bill in the near future.

Another important issue to come from Richmond this past week was Governor Bob McDonnell’s decision to delay pursuing the lifting of the current ban on Uranium Mining—I stand firmly by the Governor on his decision. I understand that this is a very sensitive issue across the Commonwealth, but feel that more research is needed to appropriately weigh the economic benefits and the potential environmental threat.

It is a great honor to represent you, and please as always, should you have questions, needs or opinions to share, don’t hesitate to call. And also please follow our daily progress on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. I look forward to hearing from you and keeping you updated as we move forward in the 2012 Session.



For more information please contact Ashley Nixon at:
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