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Governor McDonnell Announces That VDOT Meets or Exceeds All Project Completion and Budget Goals for the First Time in Two Years

February 15, 2012
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Governor McDonnell Announces That VDOT Meets or Exceeds All Project Completion and Budget Goals for the First Time in Two Years

Report for second quarter of FY 2012 now available

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) met its goals for completing all construction and maintenance projects both on time and on budget during the period of October through December 2011—the second quarter of its 2012 fiscal year—the first time the agency has met all of these goals since FY 2010.

VDOT released these results in its most recent quarterly report card during the monthly meeting of the Commonwealth Transportation Board on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The report is available at

“In every part of VDOT’s business, the agency aims to be transparent and report performance data so the public is informed on how their tax dollars are being managed,” said Governor McDonnell. “I’m pleased to report that VDOT is on-time and on-budget for all VDOT-managed construction and maintenance projects during this quarter. This is especially significant since so many additional projects and project phases are under way following our historic investment in transportation made during last year’s General Assembly session, advancing more than 900 projects. VDOT’s continued focus on delivering projects on time and on budget is ensuring that taxpayers’ investments in transportation are achieving the greatest possible benefit.”

Transportation Secretary Sean T. Connaughton added, “As VDOT has transformed into a leaner, more efficient agency, it is a great achievement that it is once again meeting these project and budget targets to provide Virginia with the best return on the investment of our transportation funding.”

According to the report, VDOT had 340 maintenance and construction projects due for completion during the quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2011. Of those contracts, 262, or 77.1 percent, were completed both on time and within budget. The target was 77 percent.

VDOT completed 87 percent of its construction projects (47 out of 54) on time, surpassing its 75 percent target for the quarter. The agency completed 79.7 percent of its maintenance projects (or 228 out of 286) on time, exceeding the 77 percent goal. Of the 51 construction projects completed by the end of the second quarter of FY 2012, VDOT completed 50, or 98 percent, within budget, exceeding its target of 82 percent.

VDOT completed 93 percent of its maintenance contracts within budget, or 252 out of 270, exceeding the target of 90 percent. The construction quality rating for the quarter was 90.4 percent, which came in just under the 91 percent target. This measurement tracks VDOT’s commitment to building quality roads and bridges while seeking opportunity for continuous improvement.

“This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our VDOT employees who have made sure that we once again are meeting or surpassing both our on-time and on-budget targets,” said VDOT Commissioner Greg Whirley. “I am also proud that we are doing everything we can to keep drivers safe on Virginia’s roads and highways.”

In a major effort to provide public access to VDOT’s performance measurements, the agency began releasing quarterly reports and launched its Dashboard nine years ago. The Dashboard is an online system that provides up-to-date status on VDOT’s measures for safety, road conditions, finances, traffic congestion, customer satisfaction, management and project performance.

To review the Dashboard, visit,

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