Friday, August 24, 2012

Paul Ryan Brief Bio

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is in his seventh term in Congress representing Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. He is Chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he has worked tirelessly leading the effort to rein in federal spending and increase accountability to taxpayers.
He also serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, where he has focused on simplifying the tax code and making health care more affordable and accessible. In January 2010, Ryan gained attention nationwide after unveiling his “Roadmap for America’s Future,” a proposal to eliminate the federal deficit, reform the tax code, and preserve entitlements for future generations.
Representative Ryan was born in Janesville, Wisconsin on January 29, 1970. A fifth-generation Wisconsin native, Ryan was the youngest of four children born to Paul Ryan Sr., who worked as an attorney, and Betty, a stay-at-home mom.
In April 2000, Ryan proposed to Janna Little, a native Oklahoman, at one of his favorite fishing spots, Big St. Germain Lake in Wisconsin. Later that year, the two were married in Oklahoma City. The Ryans reside in Janesville with their three children, Liza, Charlie and Sam. The family are parishioners at St. John Vianney Catholic Church.
Upon entering Congress in January of 1999, Ryan was the youngest member of the freshmen class at the age of 28. Prior to running for congress, Ryan served as an aide to Republican Senators Robert Kasten Jr. and Sam Brownback, former U.S. Rep. and Vice Presidential Candidate Jack Kemp, and as a speechwriter for Education Secretary William Bennett.
Ryan is a graduate of Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville and earned degrees in economics and political science from Miami University in Ohio. He is an avid outdoorsman and is a member of his local archery association, the Janesville Bowmen.

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Mitt Romney: Strong Leadership


Mitt Romney: Character


Mitt Romney: Growing Up


Mitt Romney: Believe in Our Future


SCRC Elects New Chairman

At the August 23, 2012 special meeting, held prior to the regular meeting, an election was held to select a new chairman to replace former Chairman Thomas, who recently stepped down from the position.

Scott Mellott, previously vice-chair, was unanimously chosen to fill the top slot and will serve the remainder of the term which ends May, 2014.

Other Executive Committee positions were re-confirmed in the regular meeting including two changes; Lynn Smith, former third vice-chair, will fill Mr. Mellott's former vice-chair seat, and Stan Huie was nominated and confirmed for the third vice-chair seat.

Now, on to victory in November!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Meeting Location Reminder

In case you didn't read the call in your email last week, the August, 2012 SCRC meeting will be held at the regional GOP Victory HQ in Central Park Thursday, 7pm, August 23, 2012.

The August, 2012 meeting will NOT be held at the Salem Church Library.

This monthly meeting will include the members election of a new chairman due to the previous chairman stepping down. The location of the GOP Victory HQ in Central Park is 1311 Central Park Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA 22401 next door to FunLand, across from Quaker Steak and Lube.

The public is welcome to attend all our meetings and become involved, so bring a friend!

If you are not receiving the updates about meetings and events, and wish to be on our mailing list, please send your request via email to .

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The case against the president’s re-election

The case against the president’s re-election

His economic policies turned a bad situation worse and are killing our recovery

Anyone who has lived through the last four years knows the tragic trajectory of our economy and the futility of this Administration’s policies regards to job growth. And as much as the president’s re-election campaign has tried to change the subject with a barrage of false attack ads against Mitt Romney, poll after poll suggests the overriding concern of the American people remains the economy.

To be sure, the current Administration has gone all-in on government intervention as the overriding theme of its economic policy. Unfortunately, during its time in the White House, such intervention has proven to be useless at best, and counterproductive at worst.

It is also the reason we need a change at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

There are four significant areas where the president’s government-first, liberty-last policies have failed us: Energy, Health Care, Banking, and Stimulus.

Energy fuels our economic activity on the most basic level. Without secure, abundant sources of energy, businesses cannot plan, prices go up, and job growth suffers. Our whole economy languishes.

Yet the president came into office with a stated goal of decreasing the national reliance of fossil fuels, particularly coal, and “investing” in green energy sources. What became of this plan?

For starters, it has led to a war on coal that has turned us all into economic casualties. Coal provides not only 40% of American electricity, but thousands of jobs (including right here in Virginia), as well as important price competition for other sources of energy. EPA regulations have blocked the construction of new, cleaner coal plants.

Moreover, the current administration has prevented any new drilling off our coasts, costing Virginia thousands of jobs as well as more domestic sources of energy. It then “doubled down” on its bet against oil by preventing the construction of the Keystone pipeline, which could have given us access to cheap fuel from our friendly neighbors in Canada and created thousands of jobs here in the US. Instead, Canada is looking to sell its oil to Asia, and gas prices now sit at $3.49 in our region, double the levels seen on Inauguration Day.

Meanwhile, the government’s “green investments” in companies like Solyndra have been proved to be politically tainted, totally ineffective, and a waste of taxpayer money.

Then there is health care. The president’s attempt at “reform,” does nothing to address the growing health care shortage in America. Obsessed over “cost curves” and indifferent to growing the health care industry, the president’s Plan 9 from Outer Space is expected to cost nearly $2 trillion according to the Congressional Budget Office, push Medicare years closer to bankruptcy, and still leave over 30 million Americans uninsured. Is it really a surprise that a majority of Americans support the repeal and replacement of this Rube Goldberg scheme?

Speaking of complex plans that collapse under their own weight, we have The Dodd-Frank act of 2010, whose burdensome new requirements placed at the feet of consumers and businesses have all but halted new lending. Thanks to a complete misdiagnosis of the Panic of 2008, the president concluded too-big-to-fail should be replaced by too-restricted-to-try – and that’s just the parts of Dodd-Frank that have been implemented.

Why should banks – or anyone else – take the risks that are necessary to advance the economy when the government can replace some or all of a private company’s board of directors if it doesn’t like the company’s direction? How can anyone in the private sector guess the effect of over 200 sections of the bill that are left to bureaucrats to write and execute? In the midst of this uncertainty, business expansion and the bank loans that fuel them have practically halted.

All of these failures would have been catastrophic in and of themselves, let alone all at once. Yet even they pale in comparison the president’s $750-billion-plus “stimulus.” This massive boondoggle sacrificed the economy to the altar of Keynesian theory – just as the academic revolt against the rigid, inflexible, and inadaptable Keynesian methods broke out into mainstream discussion. Thanks in no small part to this debacle, all four of the president’s budgets (Congress refused to pass the appropriations bills for much of FY2009 until the president assumed office) will have deficits of over $1 trillion. No president before him ever had deficits of half a trillion. Not one.

What does the president have in mind to fix the mess that we admit he inherited but that he refuses to acknowledge he made worse? He offers nothing, except various plans to tax wealthier Americans (which would even further reduce business investment while barely registering on the federal budget), and invective against Mitt Romney.

Romney, by contrast, has proposed tax reductions for all Americans (instead of tax increases), supported reforming Medicare to make it stronger (instead of raiding it to make it weaker), greater use of America and her neighbors’ national resources (instead of less), and making the business climate more friendly to innovation and entrepreneurship (instead of sclerotic regulation and fear). This is the better path for America’s economy, and it is why Mitt Romney must be elected instead of the incumbent this November.

Steve Thomas is a member of the State Central Committee, and the former Chairman of the Spotsylvania Republican Party. D.J. McGuire is an adjunct instructor of Economics at Germanna Community College and former Lee Hill District Republican Chairman.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Congressman Wittman on jobs

So proud of Congressman Wittman for all he does.

Check out his op/ed on jobs HERE.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Women for Romney- Events

Here are two events that you can get involved with. Many more will follow!  Check here often for details!

WOMEN'S NIGHT at the Victory Center! August 21, 6:00pm, 1311 Central Park Blvd. Evening soiree with Anne Reeves on winning strategies for the Romney campaign. Share practical ideas from your own experience. Learn office phones or work from home. Anne speaks at 7:00. Bring your own beverage and finger dessert for sharing. RSVP now to 540-993-5641. Space limited to first calls. MUST RESERVE!

WOMEN FOR ROMNEY BELIEVE IN AMERICA event at Lake of the Woods Clubhouse. Women from Central Virginia will join Sery Kim of Romney team at 1:00pm on Sept. 12 for work session with after lunch dessert and beverage. Come prepared with your ideas and leave with action plan to elect our next President. Bring pen, paper and creativity. The Romney platform will be the base for grassroots planning. Room holds 200. RSVP by Sept.6. Mail $7.00 check payable to SARWC to Betty Soedler, P.O. Box 803, Locust Grove, Va. 22508. Betty can be reached at 540-972-9096. Marge Eales at 540-972-0298. MUST RESERVE!

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REPOST: Cuccinelli on Romney's Olympic Achievements

Dear Fellow Virginians,

Now that we're about half way through the Olympics, I thought it appropriate to reflect on the accomplishment that put Mitt Romney on the national (and international) stage: the turnaround of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

This is important for several reasons, first among them the continuing contrast of real-world accomplishments that Mitt Romney has achieved compared to the complete dearth of accomplishment of the current President when he ran for President (to say nothing of what he has done to America since he took office).

I think that it is objectively accurate to say that Barack Obama was the least accomplished person to ever ascend to the Presidency in my lifetime and probably all the way back through the 20th century, if not ever.  What did he accomplish in the U.S. Senate? Nothing.  What did he accomplish in the Illinois State Senate?  Nothing - including frequently (147 times I think) not even voting even though he was present... pretty basic.  What did he accomplish outside of government?  Nothing that he seems to want to talk about...

Prior to being elected to anything, Mitt Romney founded and led Bain Capital, a pioneering and successful venture capital firm for more than a decade and a half.  And in February 1999, he was asked to take over the effort to plan for and execute the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
I'm writing about Romney's 2002 Olympic accomplishment because it was completely non-partisan, difficult to achieve, and represents a reasonable analogy for the choice before us in the 2012 Presidential election.

Upon Arrival

First, let's look at what he was walking into.  The 2002 Winter Olympics weren't merely struggling, they were mired in scandal.  Do you remember the discovery of the $1 million worth of gifts and bribes to International Olympic Committee (IOC) members to win the Olympics in the first place?  That's what Romney was walking into.

But that's not all.  When Mitt Romney came on board, the budget for the 2002 Olympics was $1.45 billion, but it was $380 million in deficit.  Executives were spending lavishly on meals and travel, going to meetings with large entourages, and the culture within the organization was such that they would never have gotten into the black without a radical turnaround.  Sound like a useful example for the federal government?

On his way in, Romney thought the problem he was confronting was 80% a public relations problem and 20% a management problem.  After only three weeks on the job, he concluded the problem was 80% management and only 20% public relations.  And he rolled up his sleeves and got to work.
To cut to the chase on the numbers, Romney cut $200 million out of the budget (a 15% cut) and finished $100 million in the black... with praise for the accomplishment coming from every corner of America and beyond.  A 15% cut in the federal budget would cut the deficit in half.

Making it Happen

To achieve this unprecedented Olympic turnaround required many things: strategic planning, hard-nosed decision making, even harder-nosed execution of those decisions, and a change in the corporate culture (and day-to-day operation) of the whole Salt Lake City committee - starting at the top.

Romney immediately stopped the lavish dinners.  At meetings, executives had to pay for their own coffee and doughnuts, had to buy slices of pizza for $1 each, sodas for 25 cents.  The entourages stopped going on trips.  Trips were cut short or eliminated, e.g., Romney's December 1999 report to the IOC in Switzerland was done by teleconference, saving 3 days travel and $10,000.

Romney and his team questioned basic assumptions about how an Olympics should (must?) be run. When something didn't seem to make sense, he would drill down on it and frequently find that, in fact, it didn't make sense!  And over the side such things would go.

For example, having a daily "Olympic Newspaper..." Why not let the papers in Salt Lake City handle that job? And so they did.

No limos for VIPS.  No lavish hotel suites or parties for the IOC or anyone else.  All business.
Romney also donated each of his three years' of salary - $275,000 per year - to charity?  Additionally, he personally donated about $1,000,000 of his personal money to the Olympics.  No shortage of personal commitment at the top of this organization.


The last time the U.S. hosted the Winter Olympics prior to 2002 was in Lake Placid, New York in 1980. One of the gripes the Obama folks lob in about this incredible accomplishment is that the 2002 Winter Olympics got federal funds.  Which is certainly true.  However, while just under 20% of the 2002 budget came from federal funds, in Lake Placid in 1980 that number was about 50%.

Would I prefer no federal money?  Sure I would, but Romney got a lot less federal help to pull off a winter Olympics than Lake Placid, and he started in a deep, deep hole.


Well, this is obvious.  America is in a deep financial hole.  And Barack Obama has violated the first rule of holes since the day he was sworn in, namely, when you're in a hole - stop digging.
Our federal government needs a turnaround.  It involves more than just our President, but the President plays a critical leadership role.

We need to replace our current President - one who insists on continuing to dig us into deeper and deeper holes (e.g., last month's jobs report and rise in unemployment) - with a President who has a track record of executive accomplishment.

I would respectfully suggest that President Obama has had three and a half years of failure as President, and nothing prior to 2008 to point to and say "this shows what I can do."  Mitt Romney has achievements that he can point to and say "this shows what I can do," but none of them stand out like his arduous, three-year turnaround of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Half way through the 2012 Summer Olympics, as Americans and others around the world celebrate great accomplishments, it seemed to me to be a good time to reflect back on one of Mitt Romney's greatest accomplishments.

Please share the comparison of accomplishment versus none with your friends and family, in letters to the editor, and via door knocking and phone calling at our Victory Centers!  Click here to find your nearest Victory Center.  I'll see you out on the campaign trail.

Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia